The Freedom Feens watch America go down the drain!


BEAST cat looking down the drainMichael W. Dean, Lisa DeLasho, and Jeremy HizenNword discuss “Race Realism” and “Scientific Racism.” Topics include Jared Taylor, Neanderthal intelligence, political correctness gone awry, DNA differences of races, Denisovans, what defines race?, Self-reported race/ethnicity in the age of genomic research,  is MWD really part “black” and what is the difference between “black” and a sub-Saharan African lineage?, Neanderthal genomics and the evolution of modern humans, the AltRight, “Are men from the Middle East often really grabby with women?”, The Organic Prepper, why are racial statistics with crime underreported and/or completely hidden in Germany and sometimes in America?, Single-nucleotide polymorphism, the Human Genome Project, Jim Goad’s book “The Redneck Manifesto”, and so much more!

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4 Responses to The Freedom Feens watch America go down the drain!

  1. Jon says:

    Actually there is another reason why American slaves were mostly black. Very few Europeans but a majority of West Africans carry genes that grant resistance to Malaria, and even immunity to some strains. Malaria was a huge problem in colonial America, especially in the South. North of the Mason-Dixon Line, winters are too cold for the mosquitoes that carry the most dangerous form of Malaria to survive. The fields that grew rice and indigo, the early cash crops, were ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Small independent farmers would have to live on such land if they wanted to work it, but rich Planters could afford to live safe on dry hill tops while having their slave live in the lowlands. The common form of Malaria was not often fatal, but it could render a person too weak to walk much less work for weeks and would often recur annually each summer. It most often recurred during the time when labor was most needed. Black slaves were thus far more valuable workers than white indentured servants.

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