The Freedom Feens Agenda, show 1


Our first-ever show on Adam Curry’s No Agenda Global Radio. In this episode, Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi chat unfettered with breaks for two hours, taking calls from liberty lovers and having a blast. They yack about Richard Stallman’s Sisyphean struggle to make the world see things his way, the free market of words, when will the State be able to erase libertarian thoughts?, The “Golden-Age Thinking” fallacy, Wikipedia’s libertarian influence from Hayek and Eric S. Raymond, GNU/Linux, Free Software, Open Source, and BDSM is NOT Stockholm Syndrome.


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2 Responses to The Freedom Feens Agenda, show 1

  1. Sean DuVally says:

    Awesome episode guys. Some great stuff on Richard Stallman (RMS). I forgot that he was like that. I used to love reading his stuff, and listening to his speeches about IP. He had some great ideas on music file sharing.

    I kind of view him as (and this may sound wrong) TOO principled. Like if someone told an anarchist that he shouldn’t drive on the roads because they were built by the government, and he said “You’re right!” and started preaching that anarchists shouldn’t use public roads, and would only use private roads himself. And would only agree to meet with you if you only used private roads.

    I used to be one of those “GNU/Linux” advocates. I used to think that it meant something. Now I don’t care.

    And the difference between “Open Source” and “Free Software” I still kind of agree on. “Open Source” is just that. The Source is open, and you can view it, and play around with it, but the copyright can still apply to it. Like if Microsoft released the Windows code. You would not be able to release a Feens version of Windows, because all of the copyright restrictions still apply, whereas with “Free Software”, you can take Gnu/Linux and release a Feens version, and the only restriction is that it, also, must be free.
    Just My 2 cents.
    Good Luck on No Agenda Global Radio.

    • Jumping Jehoshaphat says:

      If I may interject here, Sean: Your comment to Michael and Neema (no significant call to order) was an excellent follow-up to their show! Sean, I agree with you on all of your above points. Your “2 cents” may be as valuable as a silver-dime.

      And Sean, I don’t mean to hijack your thread. I do really enjoy the new platform of the Feens show, and I too look forward to its success.

      Pieces and Peace.

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