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13754593_10209478755106693_1477677739891268303_nChandler St. PierreJeremy Henggeler , and Michael W. Dean yak about the new Bipcot and State Speech is Hate Speech stickers, how government employees would turn into the worst gangs after a government collapse, MWD talks about Nick Kirkpatrick’s donation to the Feens, and the guys play “Which came first, the slam dance or the mosh pit?”,

The second hour starts  with more mosh talk until MWD interrupts to figure out who will be worse- Trump or Hillary, Jeremy predicts the return of the Alien and Sedition Acts Part 3 no matter who “wins”,  MWD brings up the creator of the SleepyHead CPAP software app, Jeremy and Chandler extol the virtues of metal music for healing the soul and soothing the savage murder dog, and everyone talks about their top concert experiences.

Punk Rock Quincy

Awesome pulse oximeter – review
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