Trump is the vibrator in Hillary’s sock drawer – Freedom Feens Radio Show


ClumpSteve Miller-MillerLisa DeLashoJeremy Henggeler, and Michael W. Dean talk about the commies invading Philly for the DNC, Steve presents his list of grievances against the reds, MWD unveils his plans for BipCoin (value will be based on Feens ad space and yak meat),

In the second hour, MWD talks about The Secret Life of Pets and Ratatouille, there’s talk of CAMMIEs and WHIV, Steve is ghetto Google, Lisa brings up the ‘Zone of Death’ in Yellowstone, Jeremy rips the GovCo employees that always manage to avoid punishment, and Lisa and Jeremy are amazed by the guy who drives his kids to School in a tank.

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2 Responses to Trump is the vibrator in Hillary’s sock drawer – Freedom Feens Radio Show

  1. Art says:


    I remember the 500.000k(?),- $ Bitcoin pizza 😀 it was a big story in 2012 as an article that I saw online while checking out bitcoin 🙂 Funny stuff

    RE: cancer – Just a week ago, I discovered that now there are people manufacturing and selling a 100% legal in EU and USA made “CBD hemp oil” — because it is made from industrial hemp & is therefore totally NON-psychoactive! — Your friend might be interested… among its benefits is that it is extremely helpful in buildung up natural resilience against viruses, pathogens, and internal inflamations in the body! Inflamation (from microbes or otherwise) at the nerve endings at the bottom of the spinal area is for example one of the major causes contributing to the symptoms known as Multiple Sclerosis.

    Even with the “Phoenix tears” marijuana oil à la RICK SIMPSON (Youtube: “Run from the cure”), allegedly, people experienced great benefits with using it against “incurable” common chronic diseases… Tommy Chong had his prostate cancer reappear later, AFTER he got it to disappear with his hemp oil, but I suspect that was because he went back to an average American junk diet… :-/

    You might also want to check out juicing and a temporary raw food diet to get rid of some of the symptoms of allergies and for weight loss, and relieving your lung of some stressors (hopefully) etc…

    HEAL YOURSELF 101 (Markus Rothkranz)

    Markus Rothkranz: The Power of Raw Foods (1/2)

    Thank you for your cervix! Great episode, and all you guys make me giggle and you help me remember daily how much this political theater is the ridiculous joke that it is. 🙂

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