IMG_1225Steem Miller-Miller, Jim Jesus and Michael W. Dean say “Yo dawg, I heard you liked steem in your steem so I steemed you some steem!

They also discuss Jackfest, play “Every man jack now!”,  and show you on the blockchain where Charles Ponzi touched them.

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3 Responses to STEEM FUEL CAN’T MELT JET STEEMS – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Arthur says:

    and BIPCOT 😀 I wanna use that a lot as well,.. for teaching some people to some disruptive ways of “learning to use their brains for FUN&PROFIT” :)) as Robert Anton Wilson would have called it

    (the Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy is an awesome book!! totally loved it)

    some of the earlier books from Frank Herbert are also totally awesome, on par with the whole Dune series, as I have discovered the last two years…
    The Dragon Under The Sea, The Santaroga Barrier, Whipping Star, The Dosadi Project, The Lazarus Incident, The Eyes of Heisenberg…

  2. Arthur says:

    I discovered the Jeff Berwick/Steem co-founders interview two days ago, thru Twitter/Youtube….
    Darryl sounded somewhat narrow-minded in his approach in the LRN interview IMO…
    when I heard about that sketchy stuff surrounding Berwick yesterday from your last episodes it made me wonder… his behaviour towards you (the100$ and whatnot) is outright *childish* and very unfortunate. :-/

    Hmm, my thoughts on Steem are totally different however, I don’t even care about the money, I plan on using it in the next days because I was looking for some publicity tools via social media etc., for my upcoming various books, websites/blog projects and Shirt + Art Print stores**, and this will give me a FUN alternative PARALLEL to reddit and all the other social media… for the simple reason that it’s an open source project, it supposedly can’t be censored, and it’ll give me the opportunity to talk about and discuss stuff that would get me outright ignored or downvoted on reddit, you know, for example the fact that Obama *is a Socialist, A Liar, And his Feet STINK* 😉

    (PS**) yea it sounds like a lot at all at once, but the thing that’s been holding me back the last 10 months was a terrible case of insomnia that nearly killed me (at least it felt that way)… just because of some f**king Psychopharmaka/antidepressants that I was more or less talked into talking… and I also have plans for stomping these devils in big pharma in the face… metaphorically… Steem or the decentralized Internet Hosting at “ZeroNet” (based off the Bitcoin blockchain) both seem like good tools, I’m glad I discovered them lately… Openbazaar is a cool invention too.

    It’s only been since the last one/two months that I’ve had enough energy to get a Little fit through daily sports that I got back a little energy and been able to regain any will to live in the first place.

    Last year I donated a little to you in nov/dec. or so, it was my leftover from a dµrk net shopping spree hehe (about 65$ IIRC) :))
    I also decided that I’ll do my best in my first Steem Posts to call out Jeff on the 100$ he owed you… but I also decided I’ll give you the first 100 I make there, if any… in btc


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