Without the government, who would hogtie and waterboard the Gandalfs? – Freedom Feens Radio



Michael W. Dean and Jim Jesus yak about a thing that may or may not be available on Sunday, probably, Ben Stone’s new book and terrible service from USPS. Jim and Michael discuss an incident at Jackfest where a man nicknamed Gandalf was allegedly on many drugs and attacked a fellow camper, and how it was handled in the absence of government agents. (Hint: they hogtied him and turned him over to government agents – firemen to be exact.) Michael discuses changing server hosting,  Ernie Hancock and Glamping.

In hour two, MWD admits he was wrong about garbage pick up in LA, How much money does it take to lose your soul, a man was arrested for impersonating cops, offering “Free Abortions” on a satire site. MWD and Jim argue about whether or not Michael has ADD or ADHD, they analyze the structure of radio and TV ads, also “Shitty future” on Twitter is discussed. Don’t pay any attention to Morgan Spurlock or Michael Moore, they’re bad people.

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