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BipLordRandy England  and Jeremy Henggeler overcome Merrick VanLandingham continually getting droned in his first appearance on the Feens, they read some announcements from Steve Miller-Miller and MWD’s response to Miller-Miller’s death prediction,  talk about the upcoming Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest, and Jeremy brings up an article about the free market Taiwanese street markets .
Michael W. Dean joins for the second hour to give updates  and answer questions about on BipCoin, including the origins of the color of the logo, MWD is taking UN blue back again, Windows 10 again proves to think it knows better than its customers in filtering potential viruses.


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2 Responses to Stump the BipLord – Freedom Feens Radio Show

  1. Al F says:

    Link to “free marketism in Taiwan” article?
    (Will search myself after work)

  2. Nick Barnett says:

    I’ve been to the markets in Taiwan, they are amazing. The night market was my favorite, but you have no idea what you are missing if you have never had Taiwan’s breakfast street food.

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