Episode 1 of the BipCoin Podcast! lol – Freedom Feens radio


MWD14045801_10209719616810064_5170502491939812724_nLisa, Jeremy and Chandler try to STUMP THE BipLord, MWD, with questions about CryptoCurrencies in general and specifically BipCoin. (And a little about Bitcoin, too.)

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4 Responses to Episode 1 of the BipCoin Podcast! lol – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Bitcoin was not pre-mined. Satoshi released it publicly on the mailing list. Even the coins in the Genesis Block are unspendable.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      ….sort of not a premine. BTC had different rules than every AltCoin to follow. But if We’d released BipCoin on a mailing list a month before posting on Bitcointalk.org, people would consider it a huge premine.

      Bitcoin, of course, did exist before Bitcointalk.org. But there are verified posts of Satoshi’s on Bitcointalk.org. Including one where he basically calls Dainel Larimer (CEO of Steemit, now), an idiot. lol.

      Cryptocurrency development teams are the new rock bands.

      • Dainel Larimer is an extremely dumb alt-coiner; anyone giving him credibility is also dumb. Protoshares, Bitshares, and the fail attempts to make tokens pegged to real world assets are a stunning example of his incompetence.

        • MichaelWDean says:

          Agreed 1000%.

          I deleted your other comment, I’m not going to link something that is currently getting subpoenas left and right to everyone involved, and even people not really involved, but just looking tacitly connected.

          I’m not remotely involved, and I want that clear. Besides, dark markets don’t need advertising. They sell themselves.

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