Remember that week we had our own cryptocurrency? – Freedom Feens Radio Show


13625390_634675594321_630307112252169967_nAngela KeatonJeremy Henggeler, and Michael W. Dean  talk about where Bill gates touched Angela, Tom Woods’ bad audio,  Jeremy’s adventures at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest, and the movie “Elvis and Nixon“.
In the second hour, Angela sets Jeremy and MWD straight on Milton Friedman, MWD explains how Nixon helped create FoxNews, there’s mention of the movie “Welcome to Leith” and the American Redoubt movement,  and a eulogy for BipCoin is read.

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1 Response to Remember that week we had our own cryptocurrency? – Freedom Feens Radio Show

  1. J M says:


    Definitely agree with you, that the whole Redoubt theme could have a racial element, namely, not because Rawles is a racist, but any sort of thing like this, centered on the Mt. West , Christians, and survivalists is going to have a certain attraction to some white separatist/racialists. I do remember when the concept was written about in 2010 or 2011, cause it got a nazi label for using the term redoubt.
    Throw in the alt-right, npi, jack donovan type popularity, I’m sure there is quite a number of racialists latching onto the redoubt movement

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