Tragedy plus laughter equals sriracha – Freedom Feens Radio Show


Steve Miller-MillerLisa DeLashoJeremy Henggeler , and Michael W. Dean strap in for for an emotional roller coaster that includes MWD’s hatred of people who think all feelings are bullschumer, which leads into him talking about the audio/video loving tribute he made for his daughter, Amelia, who died ten years ago of Leukemia.

And Roger Ebert’s tweeting of same.

Miller-Miller starts teasing some info on Roger Ebert’s penis, and MWD’s former band mate’s resignation of the Paterno chair is discussed.  Miller-Miller refers to the now-to-be-known as Illary (Hillary Clinton) as a communicable disease, Roger Ebert and his most hated movies are discussed which led to reminiscing about past movie experiences, Miller-Miller talks about the not being talked about nationwide prison hunger strikes, and the birth of #AdamKoresh occurs.

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  1. Lane says:

    This song pretty much sums up my feelings on anyone who “has knowledge” children being sexually abused:

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