Freedom Feens 1000th episode! Freedom Feens radio


Michael W. Dean, Neema Vedadi, Dianna Keiler, Jeremy HizenNword, Hugo González, Lousander Feen, Randy England and DJ Dean celebrate 1000 episodes.

Plus these Feens phone it in: Jim Jesus, MK Lords, Ben Stone, Davi Barker, Nick “Mowgli” Hazelton, Jim Jesus, Chandler St. Pierre.

Topics include: IT’S THE 1000th EPISODE OF THE FREEDOM FEENS!, “Suicide by cop: the only time police will actually perform the service you request“, HR from the Bad Brains, Cell411’s awesome inexpensive panic button, the new film Jungle Book, the Uncanny Valley, the slightly older film Transcendence, Alexis Arquette, a real-life comparison between using Bitcoin, PayPal and banks, why “bad audio is a venal sin”, Alpha-Centauri, and just the gratitude we all feel every single day for being Freedom Feens in an un-feen world.

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4 Responses to Freedom Feens 1000th episode! Freedom Feens radio

  1. I listened to the 1000th epi and am glad you guys stuck with it this long. It takes a real commitment to make that happen.
    I found the show (5 or 6 years ago) on Stitcher and then started listening to Bad Quaker. From your show, I also started regularly listening to FTL.
    The Freedom Feens is like a fresh water oasis in the desert of pop culture and mainstream drivel.
    Without the Feens, I would not have looked down the rabbit hole of agorism, BTC or been able to bring others along to drink from that well. (and my first of many BTC came from MWD)
    Seriously, great job MWDean.
    “But without government, who would drone the children”

  2. Nathan says:

    A THOUSAND episodes! I remember first calling into MDAD with my white albino kitty sitting on my porch at night. She’s blind in one eye now but we still were hanging outside as the show was coming to and end. You guys are awesome!

    What Neema said too made me think about how a lot of the feens like TV shows like Breaking Bad or The Preacher, about flawed people receiving great power and being corrupted absolutely by it. Maybe there are no Great Men(TM), but we sure seem interested in those who receive great power and if they have the responsibility to handle it.

    Luke 12:48

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