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Tonight  Michael W. DeanJim Jesus and Angela Keaton talk about alternatives to taxis, specifically Arcade City and the unfortunate turn it has taken. Brian Scott, long-time morning drive time radio guy in the city of Casper, the destruction of Chautauqua Institution’s beloved amphitheater is discussed, and before the end of the first hour Jim and MWD chatter about J. Neil Schulman’s crap for a few minutes as per usual.

In the second hour, Survival Research labs in San Francisco is discussed, cancer as the inciting incident in film and television, and Angela and Jim jump into a plethora of political topics.
More Survival Research Labs

Even more Survival Research Labs

MWD adds “p.s. I got my gear safe. Took a bunch of towels and shutting down for a couple hours for everything to dry.”

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2 Responses to Chautauqua Tea and the Busybody Church Ladies – Freedom Feens Radio

  1. Angela Keaton: How could you watch the Alongside Night movie — with a scene almost identical to the same scene in the original novel — and miss the point that the nuke with the sticker in the movie was for engineering use on the moon — not as a weapon of war? The point is that nukes held by governments are stockpiled for war or threat of war but a nuke held by Agorists might well be for benign purpose– the sticker making that point.

  2. My dad , Julius Schulman ( played with the Chautauqua Symphony under music director Joseph Silverstein, for two seasons in the late 1980’s, one of them as the orchestra’s concertmaster. Silverstein was concertmaster of the Boston Symphony when my dad played with the orchestra in the 1960’s. My wife at the time and I visited my parents at Chautauqua in both seasons and I remember it fondly. Thanks for the memory.

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