The ongoing auto-authority asphyxiation of J.Neil Schulman – Freedom Feens Radio Show


Jim Jesus,  Jeremy Henggeler, and Michael W. Dean give a thorough roast of the puffer fish of libertarianism.  MWD and Jeremy explain what agorism is, sockpupputy strawman “SCHULMANNNN!!!” is revealed to have been editing his own Wikipedia pages, Jeremy mentions a neckbeard whale hunt, and MWD refers to “SCHULMANNNN!!!” as the central scrutinizer of agorism.
In the second hour, MWD recounts his lack of a sippy cup from the previous night, Jim and Jeremy take turns reading the Wikipedia article talk page for Agorism comments about a new edit to the agorism Wikipedia by the mysterious LibPar2017, Konkin becomes a verb, and the “circular references” reason “SCHULMANNNN!!!” was banned from editing Wikipedia is revealed.


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2 Responses to The ongoing auto-authority asphyxiation of J.Neil Schulman – Freedom Feens Radio Show

  1. Ben Stone says:

    Hey guys, I really enjoyed the show.
    I love when mildly talented self-appointed demigods are proven to be irrelevant.
    Plus the flow of the show went very well. It had that old fun Feens attitude of mocking authority.
    I should be careful. I don’t want F.Lee Schulman declaring me a non-agorist.

    The internet; Now on radio!

    Ben Stone

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