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M.K. LordsMichael W. Dean, and Jeremy Henggeler welcome MK back to the show (yet again), MWD announces that BipCoin is alive and well (yet again, again), they play worser and worser with Trump and Hillary, MK brings up the story of Florida Man getting 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman, MWD bows out for the night to mine BipCoins, and then MK tells of her escape from crazy Florida Woman,
In the second hour, Jeremy talks about his past life as the Beastmaster, and MK and Jeremy talk veganism, people puking from eating Soylent bars, the Jon Oliver video about third party candidates, how Gary Johnson makes the perfect nihilist meme, and MK’s new choice for president: Joe Exotic.

BipCoin MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE BipCoin hardfork: https://bipcoin.org/?p=1132 #AltCoin #NotBTC #not #BTC #blockchain #cryptonote #dark #cats #fun #BipCoin #hardfork

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