The Tesla Repair, Fly Fishing and BipCoin Mining Radio Show – Freedom Feens radio


Michael W. Dean, Lisa DeLasho and Jeremy Bipcoininburger talk about stuff. Topics include How to Mine BipCoin, be kind to your local board op, why Hilary stinks, “show me on the human centipede doll where the maker of that elite phone touched you”, Marilu Henner, and the ultra-cool and international team that is behind Bipcoin.

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sammy-fang-with-feens-merchSammy from FANG with his new lid of Freedom Feens buttons and stickers. (Arthur Culbertson on right)



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5 Responses to The Tesla Repair, Fly Fishing and BipCoin Mining Radio Show – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Michael W. Dean: I also believe people are redeemable. If you will correlate the Agorist ideas presented in Alongside Night the movie with the Agorist ideas presented in Alongside Night the novel and arrive at the logical conclusion that the novelist and filmmaker was the same Original Agorist making the same points, I’ll stop saying that your trashing the movie makes you an objective enemy of the Agorist movement.

  2. Anthony Appleton says:

    The man posing with the Feens buttons in the photo was convicted of strangling his girlfriend to death. Have I gotten that correct? Am I also to understand that you still considered this man a friend?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Anthony Appleton:

      Yes, the person in the left side of that photo with the Feens buttons is Sammy McBride from Fang. And yes, he did time in prison for murder.

      Not saying he’s a bad person, but Sammy was not my friend. He was an acquaintance and former label mate. (Our bands were both on the same label. Two of the same labels, actually, Boner Records and Wingnut Records.)

      Met him once that I recall, in the studio after he got out of prison. I liked him then. And from what I can tell about him how, I like him. Chatted with him a little on Facebook the other day. But have heard a lot from mutual friends that he’s an alright dude now.

      The murder was was 27 years ago. People can change a lot in that amount of time. Do you think that people are non-redeemable? If so, that’s a poor attitude.

      Mark Edge from Free Talk Live also did time from murder (though unlike Sammy, Mark didn’t kill anyone, but was an accomplice to a murder, was in the room during a murder, and helped the killer flee town, so in Florida was charged with murder.) I have had a lot of great interactions with Mark, and I DO absolutely consider Mark a friend.


      • Anthony Appleton says:

        whelp, the Freedom Feens has been a long ride, but I’m getting off here.

        • MichaelWDean says:

          I don’t know what to say to that.
          Sounds like you think people are not redeemable. I think that’s sad.
          But I guess: thank you for sticking around as long as you did? lol.

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