Clock blocked! (Plus Derrick and MWD Dot-Bip on Crypto Show) – Freedom Feens radio


Strap in and open all your orifices wide! (Especially your ears!) This is two-and-a-half hours of hella fun, murda dawgz! Edited by MWD, NOT by FeenBot. FeenBot couldn’t have made this cluseterfark into anything good.

Lousander Feen, Bradon, Shane Radliff, and Murder Dogg himself, are on after dealing with some technical difficulties. The Feens talk about the “Active Shooter” in Ohio today and how the Social Justice Warriors immediately jump to gun control, even when it doesn’t apply. Jill Stein fundraising for a recount, Cody Wilson and the 3D printable gun “The Liberator”.

After this, MWD tacked the other night’s interview on The Crypto Show with Derrick Slopey and MWD talking about the plans for BipCoin and Dot-Bip.


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2 Responses to Clock blocked! (Plus Derrick and MWD Dot-Bip on Crypto Show) – Freedom Feens radio

  1. DannySomthin says:

    Don’t blame The Crypto Show we voted for Kodos!

  2. Ben Stone says:

    Really really really great (say it once, say it twice, three times is a charm) to hear the Murder Dogg again! And only so much magic can be done to keep Freedom flowing when the intertubes act like a dump truck rather than a series of tubes.
    Holy Audio Fail Batman! The Crypto Show (Love those guys) sounded like they were using CIA-Interrupto Phone-Max Headroom 80s Hollywood-punk production techno art radio produced by Shadow Stevens for an NSA/Sony joint venture called “cryptocoin sucks because you can’t understand it” .
    It hurt my ears and my head.


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