Ten Non-Bible Commandments that are better than the Non-Aggression Principle – Freedom Feens radio


Lou, Randy and MWD discuss MWD’s conversion in his 3-day weekend in Facebeef jail. He now follows all these precepts (except #7): The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth.

MWD defines “Black Knighting”, and then TrueCrypt is discussed and distributed in the Feens torrent for the week. (Out and public a few hours after this show goes up here.) Check SHA256s with QuickHash

Michael talks about how his book $30 Film School helped Shameless actor Emma Kenny on her road to Hollywood. (Allegedly.) (Short article in New York magazine here.)

After Michael goes back to working on the block chain gang, Lou and Randy tell the lesser known story of August Landmesser, the man who refused to salute Hitler. They also go into the Patriotic Correctness of the right.

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