Feens Live from Libertopia (LRN Feens Live Archive)

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Freedom Feens live from Libertopia, with “man on the street” interviews done by Drew Phillips of donttreadonmeme.com

(Drew pictured above AT Libertopia, wearing Freedom Feens buttons).

Short interviews with: Jonathan Logan, Ross Edwards, Frank Braun, Jeff Lim, George Sand from Cop Block, Ernie Hancock from Freedom’s Phoenix, Foster Gamble from Thrive Movement, Jillian Batty from Stateless Sweets.

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2 Responses to Feens Live from Libertopia (LRN Feens Live Archive)

  1. Ben Stone says:

    Great show guys! Very enjoyable and fast paced.
    I particularly liked when Neema pointed out the folly of Foster Gamble’s magic energy machine and how if it’s real the best thing to do is reveal it on the internet. Of course that will never happen as these charlatans have used the same pitch for 100 years and none of them ever reveal their magic energy machines.
    BTW, I have Bigfoot in my garage. I’ll show him to everyone the same day Foster Brooks eerrrrr Foster Gamble reveals his magic energy machine. I would show you Bigfoot now but he’s is busy frying breakfast for Elvis.

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