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MWD, Dianna and Chandler talk about Chelsea Manning, BipCoin paper wallet, Trump’s stinky love of stinky Putin and how Obama won’t be stinking up the place so much anymore, and so much more.

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11 Responses to Party with the Freedom Feens! – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Will R. says:

    Done and done. They got a well-deserved five stars apiece; buy yourself somethin’ nice with ’em. 😉

  2. Halsingen says:

    Thank you for pointing out that it is the new feminist rape law introduced by minister of justice Lennart Bodström that have made Sweden the rape capital of Europe (if you have sex with a girl and she regrets it afterwards, she can accuse you of rape)!

    It was so frustrating listening to Cantwell the other day talking about my hometown Helsingborg in Scania/Greater Copenhagen and the very tragic gang rape that recently took place here, as caused by the open border between two neighborhoods in one local urban area, until Stockholm one year ago imposed a “Berlin Wall” on Greater Copenhagen.

    When I made Cantwell aware of the peculiar rape law that threatens the legal certainty in Sweden, I just got the answer that women overwhelmingly regret sex with Muslims more than with other men, and he has just continued spouting the postulate that Sweden is the rape capital because of free movement across borders.

  3. Will R. says:

    I can say with the utmost sincerity that Dianna is utterly adorable; I’m always happy to see her name in a set of show notes. One of the things that I love about the Feens is that you have a great group of hosts.

    Also, if I may be so bold as to try one of these for myself: Chris Cantwell is a nazi, a meth head, and he smells like cheap whiskey and flop sweat.

    • MichaelWDean says:


    • Dianna says:

      Wow! Thanks so much, Will! Really glad you enjoy the show. Worms!

      • Will R. says:

        You’re welcome, Dianna!

        I discovered the Feens in October of 2015, and my only regret is that I didn’t do so earlier. You’re up there with Will Grigg on my list of favorite freedom-minded thinkers.

        I don’t want to be a pest by commenting here too often, but I’ve stopped by a couple of times, and I occasionally lurk on your public social media feeds. You’re good folks, and since a kind word can have a big impact, I wanted to be sure that you knew that there’s at least one fellow out there who likes what you do. Keep being awesome.

        Worms. 🙂

        • MichaelWDean says:

          Thanks Will. Do you have our apps? Top right of the page. Worms!

          • Will R. says:

            As it happens, I downloaded Pocket Alibi yesterday, and after thoroughly enjoying that one, I followed up by downloading the Feens Radio app. Thanks for putting those out there. I’m a bad smartphone user; I’ve only downloaded a handful of apps, but I’ll proudly include yours among them.

            When you proposed the idea of a disclaimer-centered app, all that I could think of was, “BipCot dot orgy: batteries not included, accessories sold separately, and consult your physician if you experience a kratom high lasting longer than four hours.”


          • MichaelWDean says:

            Nice! Glad we could help!

            Hey Will, can you please rate and review the apps on Google Play?

            It helps the rating go up so more people can find it.


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