Worm-on-worm violence – Freedom Feens radio


Jim, James and MWD explain why it’s wrong to hit Richard Spencer, but it’s OK to laugh when someone else hits him. Also: why the Left often try to silence free speech with violence.

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1 Response to Worm-on-worm violence – Freedom Feens radio

  1. J M says:

    Exploring the grey areas of the NAP.

    Remember LR’s…”When Should You Shoot a Cop?”

    What about “When Should You Punch a Nazi?”

    I remember Spencer from the early days of the spin-off from LRC, Taki’s Mag. From Spencer’s Wiki page:
    Spencer “calls for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ ” and advocates a white ethno-state, on the national level.

    If you riff on Cody Wilson’s theory that legitimacy is a product of hindsight ie. Rebels in 1775 were treasonous murderer’s till they won, then they were freedom fighters…. Here is a mental exercise. If a guy punched Hitler in the face in the 1920’s before he gained political power, would he be a hero post WW2?

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