Let he who has never violated the NAP cast the first dox – Freedom Feens Radio


Lisa DeLasho, Jeremy Heisenkitten, and Michael W Dean talk about baby monitors, purring kitties, Linux snobs, and some departing/arriving Feens before extensively discussing the recent case of a Libertarian Party figure losing her job due to a self-righteous jerk doxing and narking her out, thus acting like the cops, and a liberal, at the same time.

In the second hour, Lisa, Jeremy, and Michael continue discussing the doxxing incident, MWD’s experiences with doxxing, eating sacred cows for breakfast, Saul Alinsky’s internet 2.0 playbook, and having a website not even ranked by Alexa.

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2 Responses to Let he who has never violated the NAP cast the first dox – Freedom Feens Radio

  1. Philosofeen says:

    Just a minor, extremely unimportant correction regarding something said in the intro (it’s been said before on the show, though I just never got around to leaving a comment about it until now): it’s just “kelvin(s),” not “degree(s) Kelvin.” So when Jeremy said, “420 degrees Kelvin,” it should have been “420 kelvins” (Note: I thought the plural of the unit was just “kelvin,” and that the proper way to say it would be “420 kelvin,” because that’s how I remember learning it in chemistry in high school, but apparently it’s “kelvins” – though apparently a lot of people also say “kelvin” as the plural, even though that’s not officially correct).

    It used to be “degree(s) Kelvin” (or “degree(s) absolute” though still written with the degree symbol followed by a capital “K”) until 1968 when it was changed to just “kelvin(s)” (with the symbol just being “K”). Honestly, it makes more sense this way, and should be the same for Fahrenheit and Celsius (though it’s not), for two reasons:

    1. The “degree(s)” provides no information that isn’t already provided by the “Fahrenheit” or “Celsius” – it would be like having “degrees inch” and “degrees centimeter” as units of measurement for distance, it provides no additional information; “fahrenheit(s)” and “celsius(es)” (or “celsii” for the plural) would be perfectly fine as units of measurement without the “degree(s)” before them.

    2. “Degree(s)” is already a unit of measurement for angles – it’s weird to have it also be used for temperature.

    There are only two reasons I can think of for why they don’t just change it to “fahrenheit” and “celsius”:

    1. “F” and “C” are already used as units of measurement (for farads and coulombs), though I’m not sure whether the lowercase “f” and “c” are already used as units of measurement.

    2. It seems counterintuitive to say that there are negative quantities of something (whereas negative “degrees” of something makes sense), though I’m sure people would get used to it.

    Though my opinion that it should be changed is about as unimportant as the correction to what was said in the intro.

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