Jeremy Hesienburglar and Michael W. Dean welcome new Feen Seamus Coughlin to the Feeniverse and spend the first hour teasing a Nazi punching discussion, and instead talk about MWD’s experience with an AA meeting in Dublin, jumping in new Feens,  open bazaar, and Seamus gets to experience is first radio hospice moment.

In the second hour the guys talk about safe spaces on the radio, MWD’s hatred of dude talk, how the White House can’t find Wyoming on a map, getting naked in gym class, the Richard Spencer/Jeffrey Tucker incident, and then finally pay off the “When is it okay to punch a Nazi?” conversation.FREEDOM FEENS talk radio show

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  1. Ben Stone says:

    Just to clarify the ISFL event:
    For a clear concise rundown of what happened, here is a link to an explanation that several people I know, who were there, tell me is accurate.

    Spencer was not invited.
    He showed up at a private event without paying for a ticket.
    He was asked several times to leave, but refused.
    There was no debate.
    Jeffery showed up after the ISFL had been attempting to get Spencer to leave.
    Then the yelling happened.
    Then Jeffrey left.
    Then the hotel security asked Spencer to leave.
    There are more that 1 videos. None are good or even worth watching as far as I have seen.

    Oh, last thing.
    When I was in the 8th grade I got in an actual fist fight in a school locker room and almost everyone present was naked. I won.
    We were required to wear jock straps during PE and required to shower after.


    • Ben Stone says:

      I should have added to the above statement:

      The Feens are 100% correct. Having a big screaming match is idiotic. It FEEDS THE TROLL! That’s the last thing Jeffrey should have done.
      Call security and let them handle it! That is why ISFL pays the hotel to host the event. Security is part of the package. Let them take care of it and stop screeching like spoiled 13 year old girls.

      Oh, and the coach at my 8th gym class was watching when I beat the crap out of that kid. He started it and the coach did nothing to stop it. He watched. Always. Watching. Very creepy.


  2. KN@PPSTER says:

    Haven’t listened to the show yet, but whoever made that Tucker meme up above obviously wasn’t taught one of the great lessons of life by his parents. So here:

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut the f*ck up about it.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      I didn’t make the meme. But educate me. Your comment is vague and I’m not sure what your complaint is. If it’s inaccurate and you where there, please tell me what accurately happened.

      One of our comments in the show you didn’t listen to is that the only person who actually made a video of the event was so interested in filming himself yelling that no one can tell what really happened up front at the table.

      • KN@PPSTER says:


        There is no show that I didn’t listen to — I just hadn’t listened to the show YET when I made the comment.

        The meme reads:

        “Claims to be against physical removal”

        Next, a picture of Tucker.

        Then: “Tries to physically remove someone from property that isn’t his for disagreeing with him”

        Tucker didn’t try to physically remove anyone from anywhere.

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