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WHO WANTS TO BE A FREEDOM FEEN CO-HOST? We filled our quota of dudes in general, but we’ll consider any female, or an 18¬†year old male, or 16-17 year old male (with parents’ permission).

This is a great opportunity to spread liberty, learn a lot and get some experience for your resume. There are only two syndicated voluntaryist radio shows in the world. And you have to live in New Hampshire to be on the other one.

What is it?: co-hosting a syndicated radio show on actual radio.

Pay: zero

Location: You can be anywhere in the world. We do this over our own open-source BipCot-licensed software, FeenPhone.


-Can do at least one two-hour show per week, from 1 AM-3 AM East coast US time. (People with jobs usually nap after work, then get up to an alarm to do the show)

-Won’t flake.

-Will do this for a while. It’s work to train you. You learn a lot that’s useful elsewhere, but if I train you and you quit in a month, you’ve wasted my time.

-No cussing on air.

-Be Interesting.

-You don’t have to have an amazing voice, but can’t sound like nails on a chalkboard.

-Must be a full voluntaryist who respects private property, anarchist or deeeeeep minarchist.

–You should be a fan of the show. If you haven’t heard the show, please listen to at least two recent episodes all the way through before applying.

-Have a good USB mic or be willing to spend about 50 bucks on gear, that I prescribe. We use FeenPhone, which is PC only, but if you’re one of the beautiful people on a Mac, I could even lend you a PC.




If you’re interested, post a link below or IM me.

You’d need to provide me a link of you doing some spoken audio (anything: podcast, YouTube video, long call on Free Talk Live, even if the audio isn’t great, something that shows me what you sound like talking. If you send a link that’s not only you, identify which person is you. If it’s a call in the middle of a show or something like that, tell me how many hours/minutes/seconds in your part starts.

Also include a paragraph about yourself and why you want to be on the show.

Commies and Nazis need not apply.


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  1. Joe Rupe says:

    What do you guys have against old dudes lol ! I like your show and dig fern phone. Still learning it ! Check out my show at lightingthevoid.com I also run a small fringe network it’s at thefringe.fm ! I’m a dude though and I’m 35 but I love radio ! Been learning it on my own forever ! Syndication ? Don’t know much about it but I’m willing to learn more about radio, how to be a better host..And talk radio in general. Fav book is Beyond Powerful Radio by Vallery Geller.

  2. Rob "The Slob" says:

    If you’re still looking for a co host, I basically met all of your criteria and then some (I have a pretty legit studio with serveral thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

    Below is at least an example of my Bush/Obama Impression, the audio has an annoying effect to make it sound like a real awards show. If you puruse some of our other podcasts, or listen to some of our fake commercials (there are fake commercials every 5 minutes in the Xmas Extravaganza) you can get a better feel for my natural speaking voice and general presence on air. The real sin was giving Tyler the Trump impression (my Trump is Baldwin level good.) My radio alias is “Slob” (long story) although Tyler regularly refers to me by my first name, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to tell us apart, since we record remotely I’ll always let Tyler speak first, so that’s another way to tell us apart. There is also a fair amount of swearing, but it’s for a fantasy football league podcast, so cut me some slack.

    Politically, I’d say minarchist it’s a pretty appropriate label for my overall worldview. It’s shorter than “Totally reasonable Anarchist” or “Nihilistic anti – Social Justice Warrior Troll” or “I wrote in Ross Perot for President in 2012”

    Anyways, let me know what you think.

    Listen to Christmas Extravaganza by Ty and Slob #np on #SoundCloud

    I included my email both below and here in the message body because I’m weird

  3. Harry Warren says:

    I would love to have a chance to openly speak my opinions and share my thoughts.

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