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Phil Pollard, Jeremy Heisen-n-word, and MWD yak about about government stealing your soul, your phone knowing everything about you, how selling radio ads blows, and how much we love

Also, poking fun at and Shia Lebeouf having the undisclosed location of his “He shall not divide us!” livestream discovered by creative  4chan users.
In the second hour, Phil, Jeremy and MWD are heard by thousands of people on on 32 licensed commercial stations in order to mock an cranky SOB who thinks unused radio frequencies belong to him, and the gub’mint isn’t tyrannizing homesteaders of un-allocated frequencies fast enough. The boys read his open letter from snitching radio operator who thinks he owns the airwaves. W hear the response website from those the “angry hammie” (Richard B. Johnson bio here) kept trying to have shut down, and MWD reminds people NOT to go to the website Damon DOXxed.

Little Dickie Johnson’s blog


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