There Are Only 2 Genders – Freedom Feens radio


MWD, Jeremy, Phil and Seamus drop mad science (biology) to explain how the world works for the people in the cheap seats. Also discussed are the problems of finding good Feens, “Don’t be a Moody”, and How April 1st is heretofore and forever “Talk Like a Statist Day.”

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MWD quotes:

Michael W. Dean : Quotes

Whosoever dies with his art on the most hard drives, wins.

I remember when sex was safe and music was dangerous.

Computers are an interesting mixture of science and voodoo.

Expectations are appointments with resentments

The best ideas cannot be stolen, because the best ideas include yourself as an integral part of the formula.

Behind every great man is a good woman he steals all his ideas from.

Everything that can be done, has been done. Being a great artist today consists simply of being a great editor.

Film studios are obsolete. The film studios in ten years will be Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard. And probably Wal*Mart.

Digital filmmaking is the new punk rock.

Filmmaking is the search for truth, but editing is all lies.

Movies are obsolete. The future will be all about spoken audio.

Social networking provides Websites for people who shouldn’t be anywhere near a computer.

I’m not rich or famous; I’m poor and popular.

Dating seven women isn’t seven times the fun; it’s seven times the hassle. And one of them always feels like killing you.

It’s all about art. Whether you’re painting the ceiling of the chapel or banging out three shaky chords in a garage, you are declaring your intention to smear your soul onto the veil of the infinite.


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  1. Haiko Nieuwoudt says:

    Seamus’s Jordan Peterson accent is 100% accurate.

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