Things My Dad Says


^Michael and his Dad in Cheyenne, Oct 22, 2012.

Michael Dean gets a visit from his groovy 91-year old Dad, Jack. Jack talks with Michael and Neema about the silver standard, growing up as a depression farm boy drinking raw milk and shooting guns, that skunk FDR, all about starting businesses, helping neighbors in the good ole days, how government regulation has negatively affected business, Dean ancestors who were freedom fighters and government workers and archbishops, why he wants to vote for Ron Paul, why Obama’s feet stink, and where America is headed.

^Jack podcasts.

^Michael’s Dad’s Mother’s brother (Michael’s great uncle), Harry Vidal in 1930.

^Dad’s target from yesterday. His age: 91. Outdoor temp: 29 degrees. Caliber: .22. Distance: 25 yards. First time he’d used a scoped rifle in many decades. High shots were before I told him to adjust for my zero. On-target shots are after that.

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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10 Responses to Things My Dad Says

  1. Michigan Escapee says:

    You need an audio clip of him saying “Get off my lawn!” Might be lulzy to use for the call in shows. 😉

  2. Hesperus says:

    excellent work, perhaps you could have him set up to Skype in every now and then, but if he is a quarter as computer unsavvy as I am that would probably be improbable.

  3. Lou G says:

    This was awesome. I love hearing stories like these.

  4. Sov says:

    This reminds me of the stories of my great grandmother who was a child in England during WWI, starting a family during the Great Depression then raising the family in the US during WWII. Looking over the contents of her life after she died, you could see how it shaped her as a person- Saving everything, maintaining gardens… every one of my aunts and uncles has knitted Christmas blankets from her. Anyway! She didn’t want to be recorded, so my uncle would hide a recorder in his pocket or in the room then get her talking. (Wiretapping!) The last time we visited her, she was stuck on this story about her as a child being put on trains out of London (I guess she’d be brought back to the city after a period) … she remembers enjoying the train ride because they’d give the children grapes- a special treat. I think its really important for the younger generation to sit down and document these stories.

  5. David MN says:

    Great podcast. I am so jealous, my grandmother and grandfather passed without telling any of their stories. When we went to clean out the barn and farmhouse we found ample evidence that grandpa was in a biker gang in the 1920s and both made shine during prohibition. My great grandfather, whom I never knew, was a traveling tea salesman who had a penchant for gambling and guns. So many people from that time are guarded and their amazing stories are lost to history.

    Your father and my grandparents were born within a few years of each other and the fact that you can have your family history so well documented is just an amazing gift. Cherish this, I wish I had an hour with my grandfather. I would love to know how it feels to shoot a shotgun from on a motorcycle and why he did it. I have the photograph, not the story.

    Could Neema do something like this? he’s got a wild family history too (like most of us).

    Keep it up! David.

  6. Kyle W says:

    This episode was great! I really loved hearing his perspective and stories about how life once was. It makes me realize that how life is right now can change a lot. Hopefully it will change for the better. Thanks for taking the time to do this, it was really worth while.

  7. Rasta Gram says:

    I was skeptical about this episode, but it was extremely interesting. The Politics of the past was enlightening and gave me a perspective on the past I was never able to get elsewhere. Not all of us have access to a bright 91 year old intellectual, not to mention a rare look into the Dean family history, so thank you and I hope to hear more from Jack in the near future.

  8. Isaac says:

    Great podcast, really enjoyed the show! Good to hear 91 years of experience. Looking forward to hearing your dad on the cast again in the future. Can we get some feens t-shirts?


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