Don’t Mousepocket me, bro! – Freedom Feens radio

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Lou, MWD and Dianna get back to the basics of liberty.

Also, The wonderful libertarian writer and podcaster Will Grigg died today. The Feens salute him. Listen here to some of his audio, and also help out his family with expenses here.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Mousepocket me, bro! – Freedom Feens radio”

  1. Dianna was right: this one did go by quickly. Great show, lady and gents.

    Will Grigg was a North Star of liberty: if you ever weren’t sure about an issue, you could look at what he was saying and use that to make sure you were on the right track. The man was pure class. I wrote him a letter nine or ten years ago, and he was gracious enough to respond. I distinctly remember his insistence that I call him “Will” instead of “Mr. Grigg.” I said in a tweet to MWD that I was just a fan and don’t think I’m entitled to grieve, but I’ve shed more than a few tears in the last thirty hours.

    As an aside, when I discovered the Feens in 2015, I went through the archives and downloaded a handful of episodes. Some of them happened to feature Ben Stone, and when I first heard him speak, my immediate thought was, “He reminds me of Will Grigg.” Soft-spoken, friendly, and unmistakably badass. If you see this, Ben, I want you to know that you rock. I was a lurker of your Twitter feed for a long time, and I finally came out of hiding last night. I only wish that I had overcome my shyness and said hello at a happier time.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Feens.

  2. I can verify without hesitation that Thai sticks were available in the San Bernardino CA area in the late 1970s, and were subsequently transported to the Mojave CA area by auto, and then to Bakersfield by Greyhound bus, in the lining of a Levi jacket. They sold on the street in Mojave for $15 each, but were $20 in Bakersfield.
    Those Thai sticks were wrapped around bamboo shoots, tied with rasta hair, and treated in hash oil rather than opium. I heard at the time, that opium Thai sticks were around but I never saw them.
    At the time, many people would use Thai stick like some people use Copenhagen or other smokeless tobacco. They would slip the stick out and break off about an inch, then place it between their cheek and gum. The effect was a much slower but more intense high.
    In late 1979 Thai sticks appeared in Lancaster CA, treated with PCP, or Angel Dust. Several people at the time made an open warning that if those were sold in the greater Mojave area without clear identification, there would be serious personal consequences for the distributors. As far as I know, those warnings worked.

    Ben Stone

      1. A quick startpage search indicates rasta hair is an antiquated term in the pot world, as I could only find dreadlocks.
        Back in the day, rasta hair was a kind of string made from pot stems. Basically hemp fiber about the thickness of fine thread.

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