Continuity of Feens – Freedom Feens Radio Show Episode


Darrell Becker, James Weeks II, and Michael W. Dean discuss: Minnesota Officer Who Fatally Shot Castile Takes Buyout, MWD’s Twitter podbeef with Tom Woods about Tom’s occasional horrible audio, the new movie “American Anarchist” on Netflix, about the guy who wrote The Anarchist Cookbook, contingency plans for “democracy“, and so much more.

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Machine generated partial transcript of MWD done live during the show:

Don’t tell me what to do I’m feeling it I’m feeling a feeling and it’s going to be a I think see me a two-man show here I think James weeks has been contacted by the government or maybe talk to the police and they shot him now he wouldn’t talk to the police he says he never ever ever talk to the police and we have up a story one of our first stories tonight is about never talking to the police cuz they’ll come shoot your dog which actually said I don’t want to say joking but you know it’s kind of a shorthand for like when people say why shouldn’t you call him please you know I’ve said before cuz they’ll show up and shoot your dog so there was someone in Minnesota who literally called the police and the cops came and shot their dog and do you have that story around or I’ll get story up you got it you got there you okay I feel you I feel you yeah well the person who got shot by a cop while his girlfriend live streamed on Facebook the police always say something else and I don’t know no I don’t think we do I think we want to create the market I think we want to fill the niche that’s not being created by the market even if it’s a small Niche and Arnie Edge is kind of laughing while Western Civilization collapses and that sounds fatalist but that’s kind of tongue-in-cheek that’s our one of our motto so they show like we said that for a long time like that’s our description on iTunes you know there’s a place like a hundred words or less description hundred characters or less what’s your show about laughing Western Civilization collapses and used to be another one that we use it’s true and it just makes her head like nope and Right pocket or wherever it is and he said that and then the cop shot him you know or the cop asking for his license or something he shot him I can’t watch that video either and you could say well if you want to be a journalist you need to watch that but I don’t really want to be a journalist I want to be someone who laughs at Western Civilization collapsing but I still think this more journalism on the show then a lot other shows what thanks you about all this because we want to laugh at the absurdity of the concept but I would rather spend it with my God Boobers taken Yeah that’s very popular yep he’s he’s an Empire yeah and you know we’re going to say it’s not about me and it’s not about

Pi beeps on the radio Pi beeps so rap beef is a term when rappers fight sometimes they shoot each other allegedly but you know back in the day I think rap these are still popular you know where like some rapper disses some other rapper in an interview you no disrespect him for those for those listening on radio disrespects him sorry and you know the other rapper response usually another rap or interviews why don’t you know why aren’t you huge popular The reason you’ve never heard of it is we’re not we don’t sit around talking all day about race realism like the people you like on Twitter so yeah this guy the guy he looked like a writer Tom was like spiders but he’s not all right but anyway so I put on July 17th 1 of 3 Tom Wood’s is a hate crime all caps and then listen to Gaston all caps hello This was the exact by but he said something like he was talking to somebody else who does it show I forget who it was but they were talking about you know can people like trolls on the internet he said and he said and I’m not a troll but I think he’s thinking on the troll here I’m trying to improve the audio of Liberty in general but so he said on his show to this other guy you know he’s a day something bad me hundreds of times a day people say something good to me so I kind of feel like I have to reply but you know the nobody’s I don’t reply so he thinks I’m a somebody this isn’t about that though I’m not like oh Tom Wood’s likes me he he’s scared of his nothing like that I try to make suggestions for people and I’ve made Β Is it just kind of feels like you know it makes you just want to respond likeyeahsuggestions before where I’m not city where I’m just like hey you know I have a suggestion for you you know Tom Wood’s actually wanted me to help with this audio long time ago and it just didn’t happen and he you know he got someone else to help me with it and the person actually got his audio really good he is to sound bad and is guess used to sell bad now he sounds almost Stellar like really good and his guests sound anywhere from pretty darn good too horrible like this one and it’s about once a month or twice a month out of 24 shows a month so 1 and 12 so you know 8% or something of his gas sound horrible and it’s so easy to not have this happen I mean there’s this kind of a hierarchy of this like which what you should use for which kind of host you know it’s basically if if you can you should you steam phone but for most people especially if they’re doing something like this Rockies feeding phone they’re going to using Skype so best is Skype using a good microphone second-best is probably Skype using a good headset 30 like the worst is using a landline anybody who tries

For 10 minutes or 15 minutes 10-15 minutes would take and I will be gentle I will be kind and I will tell everything I know that I think would help him and he will if he does it all he’ll never have a problem with argue again otherwise you know he can just continue to suck 8% of the time all right beef worms what else you want to talk about you Yeah they can find the bodies easier so you know Teacher and I’ve got a Chromebook in front of me and it’s transcribing everything I say not a but it works really well I transcribe like a half page a text the other day and it never it didn’t get 1 Word wrong and even got freedom feens right but that’s because Google’s constantly spying on me and knows everything I do and I’m logged in as me but yeah it’s I’ve been messing around with with speech-to-text since like 1996 probably cuz I’ve always been interested in it because I right the way people talk because I hear it in my head like I’m saying it and I kind of feel like I’m talking to an imaginary person which is the audience of the what I’m writing you whether it’s a book or whether it’s a Facebook post I really try hard I try to make him good Tramadol good try to get rid of typos no

Who’s doing who’s doing who’s a good boy who’s a good boy can you say that on radio I will thank you On Chromebook it keeps stopping I’m have to change the settings and some point it doesn’t know how to just sit there quietly like a good secretary and transcribe a whole show but it’s doing pretty good I’m going to put this transcription of the whole show that’s not entirely accurate cuz it’s voice to text but it’s more accurate than any voice to text I’ve used like you know Darrell said you used to have to talk like a New Yorker robot right how would you get imitate that for me yeah but so far yeah yeah Want like you know someone to say forget forget about it and have it type something else that’s you know a slur against none of the gay persuasion or you know they don’t want it to correct when someone says Shiite Muslim to say something else so yeah like there’s like 50 words you can’t say on Chrome it’ll just type the first letter and then asterixis for each letter but you know I’m watching it right now type Asterix is for each letter on the screen No with Kennedy I mean with Lincoln they were trying to kill like 6 or 7 people in the line of succession till it got to a southern Democrat yeah that’s cool a lot because they don’t want you to think late could that work they tried to kill him and they try to kill the vice president and they tried to kill Seward William Seward the guy who bought Hawaii Alaska his house he built a house right before he came and he was my dad him so Yeah so yeah yep It’s about documents because part of the plans for line of succession succession include like getting the original or what they call the original directly bunch of copies but the the copy of the Declaration of Independence the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights getting them know like sealed hermetically sealed in in helium inert gas you know protecting them get them out of Washington to it like if Washington thing Bob and he said something about like because you know Americans need to know what did he say if they sicilly boiled down to all governments are a collective hallucination and we have to preserve that who this nation do you guys remember the wording there the end of that thing I hear crickets literally yeah yeah Worms so let me give people little internet lesson here several people are saying I can’t see that’s comment, what’s May to you A lot of times when there’s there’s weird lot you don’t 1 reasons Twitter’s not that popular cuz it’s hard to use to actually like do anything other than just weed on it and figured all out now that it’s complicated but that’s cuz Yeah The Anarchist Cookbook the only time I ever saw copy of it was like about 8 years ago at a gun show and it was being sold on a table with a bunch of other books including the Army manuals that it’s taken from by this really this like sweet little old lady was this old ladies like 75 years old and she’s riding like all these books on how to maim and kill and overthrow and and torture and extract you like the US army manual on extracting information from prisoners and that’s how she seemed yeah she seemed like that Allegedly yeah yeah just a joke so the guy who wrote This Book is ashamed of this book and here’s what happened so he says in his documentary he was an Angry Young Man he wrote this book because he didn’t like that you know the police were just beating up people in the streets peaceful protesters which was true government was sending people to war to die not sending people so much anymore there but to volunteer because they’ve wrecked the economy so much that there’s a poverty some people are so poor it’s only way they can help you know

That’s yeah okay see here’s what I heard I heard I don’t know where I heard this and I’m not going to Google it to find out cuz I’m afraid to Google it is that funny we’re talking openly on FCC control radio about something we won’t Google but if you do buy it use the free if you buy the Anarchist Cookbook please go to the freedom feeding site click on the link that says Amazon you suck affiliate Lake I’m just not going to Google it but yep yeah so Square yeah Yeah somebody else do it I have done yeah let’s talk about that is ridiculous set


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5 Responses to Continuity of Feens – Freedom Feens Radio Show Episode

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  2. Michigan Escapee says:

    If you really wanna get into some mayhem chemistry wise, why do half measures? Grab a set of these once your local red state government defunds the library, and they sell off all the contents!

    Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 40 Volume Set, 7th Edition

    Because otherwise, a full set is several hundred bucks, unless you just buy a digital version.

    Or, if we’re talking reading for amusement purposes only, there’s the TOTSE archive, under the Bad Ideas subheading.

    It’s representative of a certain class of pulp literature, which is what people read for lulz before the internet or electronic hacker zines got going like 2600, Phrack, cDc, all of which copied from the sorts of people who published through Loompanics, which started in Mason, Michigan, and eventually went off to Port Townsend, WA, and died there a decade later.
    They had an amazing catalog, which was half the fun.

    It’s a serious flashback to early computer desktop publishing. We’re talking 80s stuff here like you’d do on an old Apple II, or Mac SE.

    Sure, you still have Paladin and Delta Press, but those are more for your martial arts, gun nuts, and people who believe in ‘Murica spelled big, like Hollywood sign letters big, painted camouflage colors, and rolling coal out the tops of a few letters.

    I mean sure, if a wanna be SWAT or HRT goon needs some fap material, look no further. It’s wall to wall violence porn.

    Anyway, it was a fun type of literature before the internet ate it. If you were interested in crypto in the 90s, you grabbed a copy of The Puzzle Palace, and a bunch of others. Now, you hop onto any of dozens of cryptoanarchy or white hat hacking sites dealing with it.

    As for who takes over government if say, the sewage system in DC backs up for a month, and everyone runs for their lives, that’d be in one of the links on this page.

    It seems to be an evolving plan, so, no telling if anything is the same from year to year.

    On the issue of bad audio, it might be best to keep it simple, tell them every time you hear their podcast, it brings you back to that time you listened to Static X’s Wisconsin Death Trip album over and over when you had that bad case of food poisoning. That might get the point across in a twitter sized blurb. πŸ˜‰

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Michigan Escapee:

      Worms. I like how you write. (I was gonna say “you sure got a purty mouth” but decided against it.) But I always dig your comments here.

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