It’s Okay to Lie – Freedoms Feens Radio Episode


Jeremy Heisenberg and Michael W. Dean overcome a late scratch of Lisa DeLasho to tag team topics like the Grateful Dead and other less than stellar jam bands, nasal spray hell, WoodsGate, the documentary – American Anarchist, Β Trump sending in the feds in Chicago, when it’s okay to lie, and Oregon’s backdoor gun grabbing bill.

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4 Responses to It’s Okay to Lie – Freedoms Feens Radio Episode

  1. J M says:

    In regards to Woods and the League of the South… I used to be involved in the Sons of Confederate Veterans quite a bit, (there main thing they do is put flags on confederate graves, seriously.) and talked to Woods about his League of the South affiliation about 10 years ago. He basically told me he spoke at some events in the early 90’s the LOS did, etc and they made him a board member or honorary type thing at that time and they never took his name off the rolls, etc. And he hasnt really done anything with them since.

    Sort of reminded me of like when you join the NRA, you quit paying your membership dues cause you find out they are not what they claim to be, but the NRA still considers you a member.

    My experience with the LOS…was they are essentially closet Nazis’ as a whole, but have about a 10% or less of the membership that are probably alright people. I’ve looked back into some of the LOS stuff recently with the rise of the Alt Whites/Reich…and sure enough, they are essentially openly proto-nazi at this point.

  2. Michigan Escapee says:

    If you really want to prevent suicides, ban depressed people from owning or borrowing hibachi grills. πŸ˜‰

    While the method is pretty old, probably discovered more by accident than purpose 10s-100s of millenia ago, most people used cars and pieces of tubing to generate CO. But, as computer controls came about, a modern car will generate little more than CO2 and water. So someone asks on the USENET, how do I generate CO? Seriously? lol! Step 1 get a $10 walmart grill, step 2 light it outside, step 3 decide its too cold to cook burgers outside so bring it in the garage, step 4 decide its still to chilly out and close door….. There is no step 5 you’ve won the darwin award.

    Bad humor+booze+internet, now that’s on the A.S.H. methods list for all time. Internet gets more popular, the method gets revived and people around the globe are dropping like flies.

    The usual neurotic soccer moms lose their minds and look for someone to blame. Uh, you’re looking for a live person to blame on a forum that’s all about suicide. Good luck with that!

    I think most of the furor ended when some chinese student found out you could drop a golf ball sized hunk of sulfur into a jug of muriatic acid, slam the doors on a cleaned out chicken barn, and kill all the bird lice and fungus that way. Plus whatever farm workers were too slow to run away from the gas. Next thing you know, a new trend in suicides. At least for places in the world where you can find lots of cheap elemental sulfur for sale, as opposed to north america where you need to buy a 6 pound bag at a lawn and garden store, and probably lose 15 minutes off your life for every minute you linger in the chemical and fertilizer aisle. πŸ˜€

    So what to do about the suicide problem? More hotlines? Nah, then the people manning them get depressed. Ban lawn chemicals and charcoal? Hey, why not! Oregon will probably be down for that. Because surely nobody can easily make their own charcoal!

    Well, unless they make their own woodgas stove.
    Which amusingly enough, generates MORE CO than charcoal, but is maybe safe enough to cook with indoors, as long as the flame doesn’t go out.

    Which brings us full circle to what was called Town Gas, and why people stuck their heads in unlit stoves to suicide before cars came around. And also, the charcoal generated from the central towngas plant was used for production of blackpower, for use in guns.

    At least until they learned to liquify nitrogen out of the air, convert it to nitric acid, ammonia, and other things used to make explosives, smokeless powder, etc. But they still need cellulose for nitrocellulose, nitrostarch, etc. So ultimately, you need to get rid of the trees and their terrible cellulose! And any kind of starch producing plant. I think Oregon is up to the task of clear-cutting all tress and vegetation. I mean hey, if it prevents one more suicide, it’s worth it right. ;P

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