Don’t Hate the Dealer, Hate the (Government) Game – Freedom Feens Radio Episode

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James Weeks II and Jeremy Heisenberg talk about being dragged through government court bureaucracy, James being physically removed from an  LP event, an idiotic mainstream view of homesteading, how heroin dealers being blamed for others’ choices, how a Twitterbot was keeping Comcast honest, and some redemption regarding Joe Arpaio hopefully going to jail.

Rebuttal to the anti-homesteading article can be found HERE

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Hate the Dealer, Hate the (Government) Game – Freedom Feens Radio Episode”

  1. I wish Michael had been around for this show. No point in spreading more wrong info or speculations about heroin than are already out there.

      1. i’d have to listen to it again for specific examples but in general i think you would have added a lot to the conversation.

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