Obama’s Feet Stink (new Freedom Feens rap song with Rich Black)


So instead of the usual Feens Tuesday episode, today we have a special treat. The master recording, for free (!), of the new Feens hip-hop song with Rich Black, “Obama’s Feet Stink.” Rich Black provided his vocals, but is not in the video, because he lives in New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy hit there last night and cut off his power just as he was uploading his video. (He let us know via iPhone.) This collaboration is a dope track, has great rapping (and fun dancing!) from Neema, the best mix Neema’s ever done, and we are really proud of it. The song is about how there’s no difference between Obama and Romney, how voting is stupid, and how OBAMA’S FEET STINK!

PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO, WE ARE TRYING TO GET THIS ONE TO GO VIRAL before the election! (We’re gonna need all the help we can get, with much of the Eastern Seaboard of the US without power.)

Video link:


CREDITS: RICH BLACK (Andre Anarcho-Capitalist Palm, a.k.a MC Fuck You, a.k.a Silver Stax):  Words, rapping, beat.
MC LIE-BARRY  (Neema Vedadi, a.k.a. MC Choreboy, a.k.a. NeemaV): rapping, beat, words, mixing. mastering.
DJ CONIACAL THE SCRIBE (MC Micromanage, a.k.a Michael W. Dean): Guitar, bass, background vocals on chorus, words, video editing.
Thanks to Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi for the camerawork on Neema.

Label: Angry Peasant Records.

Links: Rich Black‘s YouTube. Mc Lie-Barry and DJ Conical the Scribe’s Freedom Feens Podcast.


Obama is a socialist, a liar and his feet stink

He’s sociopathic,
Slinging his bogus hope-and-change opiates by the boat load to the masses.
A black president to let him tell it, but he ain’t fooling nobody.
He dances worse than Ellen.
A felon in a nice suit who works with words to crash weddings via drone strike.
A thirst for murder is written all on his face.
When the worst occurs he’s in his element.
Hell bent on war for the hell of it.
O-Bam-a and Romney, like peas in a pod, the facade of peace deceives you
Your freedom is gone.

They’ll send the police to detain you at 3 in the morning,
Ship you to a black site without reading a charge,
and still convince you that the terrorists all be from Iran,
to scare you into thinking they promote freedom with bombs.
America, land of the fee, home of the slave, ruled by a stank foot.
The smell will blow you away.

CHORUS: Obama is a liar and his feet stink (4x)

MC Lie-Barry, NeemaV,
Obama’s one smelly dude, that’s very true,
he murders tons of children
and brags about it on the news.
But Romney’s a stooge too
steadily itchin’ to loot you.
Mittins is jealous Barack
stompin’ blue boots.
Romney wants to call the shots
blow the brains off little tots.
They’re both just tiny dots
turds in our melting pot.

And yes I’m mocking the democracy
’cause it’s a mockery.
TV is not stopping me
from thinking properly.
The government is a monopoly
and I’d rather play life
with my wife.

So fuck the left and the right.
MC Lie-Barry shine bright
while Barry lies right.
Sucking up the limelight.
Shoulda stayed a high guy
You feel me?
Now his feet smelly like
Porta Potties in New Delhi


Welcome to the fifth and final presidential debate, being hosted today by FDR-TV. We’re coming to you live from the stately and hurricane-proof Dick Cheney Bunker at the War Memorial Social Contract Center in beautiful downtown Lie-opolis.

If I were president I’d do more to control guns

Control guns? I’d make it illegal to hold one.

What about the Fed? They need to print more funds?

Obama: (in a different tone but same words)
What about the Fed? They need to print more funds

I won’t let the people bitch… How? Internet Kill Switch

I’ll make ’em pay to log on, so we can milk that shit

Only if you spend the money on the drug war

But we’ll need police for that so I’ll employ more

I’ll put a cop on every corner so you’ll never be alone

I’ll see your cops…and raise you: a drone above every home!

If I were to vote I’d vote for Ron Paul.
But voting is for suckers, nobody should vote at all.
Be your own kings and queens
and nobody’s slave
to sum it up in a phrase:


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