First they came for the Cantwell…. Freedom Feens radio episode


Michael W. Dean comes back from pneumonia quarantine and does an hour of Feens for the first time in almost two months.

MWD explains why, even though Christopher Cantwell is a horrible person…. (and MWD was saying that years before Cantwell was racist), ….Cantwell is a horrible person, but he and those like him should be able to speak freely, gather in public, not be shut out of the Internet, and should get a fair trial if accused of a crime.

People are insane to celebrate the massive attempt to make it hard for Cantwell to speak freely. If they can ban him now, they can ban you in a few years. #FirstTheyCameForTheCantwell

James and Darrell talk about that and other slippery soaps, (Including Radical Agenda episode 343) and Budweiser sending water to Houston.

A good time is had by all the Anarchists without Adverbs (like James) and Adverbo-Capitalists (MWD and Darrell.)

This is the referenced image that some commie MWD used to play music with posted:

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4 Responses to First they came for the Cantwell…. Freedom Feens radio episode

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  2. Ben Stone says:

    The problem as I see it, is that Stephan Kinsella (a person I like and consider a friend) is not providing links to the actual original “demands” for him to sign this “pledge” (not a pledge). At least not in the several of his rants I have seen. Instead he incites people to attack him for his attacks on the article. It’s a tactic Cantwell perfected years ago. This is very similar to when Stephan defended Hoppe on my show while not actually addressing my accusations against Hoppe. Currently Jeff Deist (president of the Mises Institute, a Lew Rockwell Production, and a person I have never trusted) made a creepy pro-right speech filled with Nazi and alt-right dog whistles, and Tom Woods fell all over himself defending Jeff. This prompted many of us (yes, me and Angela Keaton among others) to sign the statement (not a pledge) which included signatures of some of the worst scum in the liberty movement (scum names publicly available upon request).
    Why did Tom Woods blindly throw his support to Lew Rockwell’s Mises Institute president while Kinsella viciously attacked this letter and its signers, who simply are disavowing the “libertarian” Nazis? I don’t know the answer, but I know that “follow the money” is only superseded by “follow the power”. And in the liberty movement, Lew Rockwell is in close touch with the ring of power.
    Maybe Stephan enjoys the yearly invite to the racist Hoppe’s gala in Turkey just a little too much? I don’t know. Maybe all those paid speaking engagements for the Mises Institute are clouding Stephan’s judgement? Again, I have no way of knowing. Maybe Stephan can clearly state his answer without fogging the field with red herrings (like oil industry non-sense), and provide original links to these “demands” along with specific names of those who have made these demands PRIOR to his complaints of the alleged demands.
    (Timelines tell the true story)
    You can often judge a man by the company he keeps. Hoppe, Deist, and Rockwell are not the best company to keep. None are welcome on my property.

    All wild guesses on my part.
    Ben Stone

  3. “I saw the demand to take the pledge …”

    Where did you see any such demand?

    Some libertarians chose to sign an open letter (not a “pledge”) disputing the perception that the “alt-right” (including its fascist wing) is related to libertarianism.

    Others didn’t. I keep hearing about “demands” to sign the letter, but I have yet to actually come across any such “demand” in the wild.

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