A forest of hope for liberty


Our first podcast episode! Yay! Michael and Neema talk about the wonders of the Internet for liberty, how they made their “guns and weed” movie, good laws vs. bad laws, good cops vs. bad cops, how to find your place in the world, how to not go nuts watching the news, Ron and Rand Paul, how ordinary people make themselves agents of the state, why public schools are sometimes worse than rape, the immorality of the drug war, Christian sharia, the pros and cons of renting a prostitute, Obama’s Nanny Czar Cass Sunstein, Washington (State AND DC) Vs. Wyoming, trying to find a Free State, and then Neema gives his thoughts on how the world is getting better, not worse.

(This episode released a couple days early, all the ones after this will be released on Friday around dinner time, Wyoming time.)

Also, for snickers and giggles, check out the video archive of Michael Dean ranting about “There’s no such thing as half-free” from the Agora I/O un-conference last weekend.


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0 Responses to A forest of hope for liberty

  1. MichaelWDean says:

    Good luck with using that term! It irks some folks for some reason. But you can always counter with “Secular Humanist Sharia.”

  2. Roisin Dubh says:

    Great podcast. I think “Christian Sharia” might be my favorite new term of the year. I’m really looking forward to dropping that into my next liberty debate. It shouldn’t take long, as I’m stuck smack dab in the red center of Pennsylvania.

    • lilli says:

      to act, we need to regroup , like they doing in Live Free or Die’ state , the NewHamphire for those who dont know , once we alot at same place, we can peclafuely take control of the state and start changes from there. educate people about liberty, tell them what it is ( they dont and wont show it in schools ). and we have a beginning of a plan ? no , .or anotehr answer would be, we have no plan, we waiting for the anrchy and chaos , .which is not the best idea i think .

  3. Skippy says:

    Great first podcast. Entertaining as hell. And “right” in the sense of calling it like it is. I enjoyed the conversation.

    The comment that the government is taking guns away from American citizens while giving money for guns to Libyan rebels was a good one.

    Public school is rape. Maybe even worse than rape.

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