Hemingway’s Kithas R Safe! Hemingway, not so much – Freedom Feens radio episode

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Lisa, Darrell, and James celebrate a Happy 9-11!

They discuss: Facebeef drama, how “The Onion” on the military is more honest than the mainstream media…

Lisa admits to being a monster capitalist.

James, Darrell and Lisa seize the means of production.

Rudy Gulliani is confirmed as being (and not being) a friend of the show, a true Schrotinger’s Friend of The Show!

Honolulu school held a terror drill 2 years ago around the time of 9-11, holding kids hostage to a masked guy threatening them with a hammer 🔨.

We learn to roll around and get that constricting collar off that keeps us penned up like a dog. (You’d have to listen to the show…)

Redemption: Hemingway’s cats are fine in Key West after Irma!


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4 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Kithas R Safe! Hemingway, not so much – Freedom Feens radio episode”

    1. Melissa,
      I knew the first part,
      the second part I kinda agree with.
      Though I think Hemingway inspired some good writers.


      1. Oh he definitely inspired lots of writers, including one of my family members who has been published in the Hemingway Journal multiple times!
        I love a lot of Hemingway’s work, but as a woman I don’t appreciate some of it. Especially Up in Michigan, the short story about the rape of a young girl.

        Fun fact 2: I learned the word cuck from reading the Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

        1. At Deauville film festival in France in 2005, when I was there with my Selby movie, I had dinner in with some famous director (“7 years in Tibet guy) and Robert Towne.

          Director’s wife (who was probably 65) told me that when she was 12 a very adult Hemingway sexually hit on her in Paris.


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