Never Bring a Toy Gun to a Chair Fight – Freedom Feens radio episode

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Lou, Randy, and James discuss The Mormon Extinction Order, freedom of information act lawsuits,and the pro wrestling version of stopping a robbery. From the “Here… Have Some Government Files,: they discuss football players going to Europe for treatments prohibited in the US and the devastation of Florida by bureaucrats after the devastation of a hurricane.

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3 thoughts on “Never Bring a Toy Gun to a Chair Fight – Freedom Feens radio episode”

  1. Mormon trivia vis a vis Independence, Missouri:

    The place where Jesus is supposed to return is divided into four lots. One is owned by the original Mormon Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), one is owned by the Reorganized LDS church, and two are owned by a Mormon sect called “Temple Lot.”

    At least that used to be the case back when I was briefly a Mormon.

    Apparently Jesus can’t return until the three sects get their sh*t together and build a temple there. The Reorganized guys have a really temple shaped like a conch shell on their quarter of the property, but I guess they aren’t the right Mormons or it isn’t big enough or something.

    Also, the place where Adam and Eve lived after getting kicked out of Eden is supposed to be over in Daviess County, Missouri. Seems like they traveled an awful long way from Florida to get there.

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