Playing Synthesizers While Western Civilization Collapses – Freedom Feens Radio Episode


John Vibes, Jeremy Heisenberg, and Michael W. Dean talk about kids these days, Boston T. Party, private courts and cops, Boy in a Band, and Muslims vs Islam.

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6 Responses to Playing Synthesizers While Western Civilization Collapses – Freedom Feens Radio Episode

  1. Michigan Escapee says:

    Most of the abortion clinic bombings were the work of one guy, who’s a real piece of work, he did the Olympic Park Bombing as well, then hid out in the woods for like 10 years living off scraps out of dumpster, etc.

    He was trained at the air assault school, and got kicked out of the military for doing a few too many bong hits. Whereafter he went out and about blowing things up to destroy the “homosexual agenda” or some such.

    Anyway, as to what made the muslims go from the leaders in science, literature, etc, etc to a bunch of frothing madmen. The frothing madmen were already on the outskirts of Islam, but got woven into the core when Saladin needed to get the europeans out of Jerusalem, and thereby recover an epic shit ton of trade monies.

    There was a more centrist muslim a bit before this, in Spain, and the story of his life tended to show what a pain in the ass being a moderate can be.

    Plus, the europeans were using religion as a weapon, and allowing every two bit bandit to purge their sins by going to Jerusalem and making mayhem for Jesus. Such as this fine soul, who rid the world of Thomas Beckett, because he was a little too progressive as an Archbishop, and a thorn in the side of a certain king.

    Anyway, you got some level of moderation when the Ottoman Empire rose, and found it was best to throw their client states a bone, let them worship who their wanted. They had sons of the christian nobility as their Janissaries, were generally rampant proponents of assorted types of vice, commerce, art, whatever made money.

    All that fell apart with the rise of the modern world. What remained of that empire was changed over by Kemal Atatürk to a secular form of government. The British controlled most everything else, with a few spots of German, Italian, French, Spanish and other influence.

    With WW1 and WW2, the later in particular, the usual power brokers were otherwise preoccupied. One side took advantage of this group of zelots, or that group to go out and kill people. And after things settled down, they weren’t quite so happy to go back under the yoke. There is no simplification of this period, its all kinds of chaos.

    So, at various points, the cannon fodder/surplus population are put to work doing mayhem against the enemy of the week, ripping into the governments that exploited them, taking over, and then being attacked by a new and improved group of cannon fodder.

    CIA meddling, various crooks and bandits looking to gain power, the reasons are endless. But it usually ends up with a progressive Kemalist style regime having a good run, turning into tyranny to keep the underclass in line, and then some power broker paying a corrupt mullah to rouse the rabble into a jihad, they take over, and then need some other place the let the nutters they’ve cultivated to go blow off steam.

    Go jihad in central africa, yeah, that’s it. All fine and good, until there are no more places to blow up without angering some power with access to nuclear weapons, and endless munitions. Or who decides to stop playing nice, and just bulldozers over half a dozen nations to put in a new pipeline. 😀

    Great, you’ve smashed a thousand hornets nests, but what about the hornets? Whoops!

    As you can see, no really simple answers, just an infinite layer cake of sleaze, corruption, and backstabbing.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      good info. And I didn’t know a lot of it, especially the “work of one man” stuff.

      Thank you!

      • Michigan Escapee says:

        If you want some IRL “great man” shit, the IEEE Spectrum has some interviews with engineers who did just all sorts of crazy BS. Like the guy who helped invent the bazooka also worked on Loran C. You’ve also got the opposite side of things where you’ve got some really great at being evil men, who seem to have spent their lives doing horrible things.

        But me, I discovered this thing called dilution of responsibility. Sure I handed my old roomie a cheat sheet of RC mods for his remote control blimp so he could skim wifi with it. Every sleazy, half assed hack I could dream of, to keep him busy and out of my hair.

        How was I know he’d shop the whole damned list across the RC community, and jumpstart what would become the drone industry?

        And because of this, I can blame each and every basement dwelling tech geek for the plague of drones infesting the skies(at least the hex and quad copters). And myself, I’m completely blameless. lol!

  2. 1%-er here. :} I’m not a gun-guy, and am one of those kids today, but own at least 2 books by Boston. 😀

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