Making Music is more Fun than Making Fun of the Government – Freedom Feens Radio Episode

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Shane Buell, Jeremy Heisenberg, and Michael W. Dean (1st hour) discuss wasting money on FaceBeast ads, walking away from echo chambers, impregnating Amish women for money, Roger Ver trying to start his own country, the continued attempts at secession in Catalonia, and the hedonistic Sex Island off the coast of Columbia.

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5 thoughts on “Making Music is more Fun than Making Fun of the Government – Freedom Feens Radio Episode”

  1. I’d have to say you’re playing with fire when it comes to asking about if someone killed someone in combat. I mean, I’m kinda casual about defense work, and other things where I can in general calculate the amount of people that my work has wiped out, and about how many will probably die in the next few decades because of it.

    5-6 digit numbers, the mind just rejects it out of hand. People you know dying from murder-suicides, it’s weird until its happened a few times. People you know dying in combat, well, it’s gonna happen. 9 out of 10 times the soldiers you know die of suicide, liver failure, smoking too much, chainsaw/tree felling accidents, auto accidents, you name it.

    But when you get to that point where you and the people you’re with have guns, and you’re up against other people with guns, and things are about to go totally to shit.. That’s when you get to a whole different level of your mind/soul that you didn’t know existed. Some people get torn apart by the fear of it, others get jumped up to the kind of berzerk “screw it, I’m gonna kill as many people as I can before they kill me” mode. Both of these states will mess up your perception of the world and your understanding of yourself pretty much thereafter, forever.

    Some people can talk about it, some can’t. But I think it’s probably going to be gibberish to you if you ask someone what it was like, until that day where you have a frame of reference. And when that day comes, god help ya, I mean, he probably won’t, but who knows, you might get lucky. Most just drink themselves to death, find religion, or more ruinous, try to get back into that jumped up state. Maybe they get another goon job working for the state, fight fires, extreme sports, who knows what. Or you can try to come to terms with it via some hippie voodoo stuff like MDMA, ketamine, ayahuasca. Then the really expensive stuff like talk therapy, and pharmaceuticals, where they not only bankrupt you, they come and steal your guns. Just in case all the dope they give you goes really wrong, which it probably will.

    1. The dood is trying to destroy me and my reputation for questioning religion. Not even as pertains to him, but just that I dared question Islam.

      So I wanna know if he’s sinless enough to cast the first stone at me.

      And he’d get that reference, he was a hardcore baptist before he was a Muslim. Plus, Muslims, as you know, read the old and new testment as well as the koran.

    2. Also, I think if there weren’t the unspoken social contract that “You should NEVER ask a vet about their combat body count”, maybe people wouldn’t be so quick to sign up to murder Muslim babies on the other side of the earth.

      It worked during the Vietnam War somewhat. Unfortunately many of the people being called “baby killer” back then were drafted.

      But there’s no longer any draft. If you’re over there, you chose to be.

      1. lol! Well, I wouldn’t say NEVER, I would just say, be prepared for some serious lala land beyond the looking glass shit. Most of those in the military, or who have been through some kind of hardcore IRL crazy shit nobody would believe, just do not try to explain what went down. It’s too far out of the normal context to do anything more than confuse people.

        War is enough to make some people find religion, get their shit together, or fall apart and turn into devoted nutjobs who live in the woods, and kill as many squirrels as possible to stop the communist threat. 😉

        Now, maybe I’m just sick and wrong, but when I run across these stolen valor fags who get all butthurt by proxy over people claiming they were a spec 5 in the military when they were really a spec 4. I tell em, hey, find a local VA, and offer to give some of these hard core down and outs a lift to shrink appointments, AA/NA, and maybe you’ll hear something about the real wrongs of the world, and get some perspective on things. And after that, if you wanna chase after some schizo who was a PFC and claims he was a rear admiral, go right ahead. lol!

        Anyway, as for religion, war, etc. I think the real bad cases are those who found they like killing people, the rush from it, and then they decide maybe they need to something to cover their wicked wicked soul. Being born again, finding islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, whatever.

        Working in an industry where we pretty much kill about a thousand people per shift due to end products our gizmos go in, I’ve found most people really just do not care. Jokes are made about helping hajjis get to heaven before the last of the virgin goats end up as an endless parade of sloppy seconds are made, and worse.

        As for religious pretenses, I don’t really have any. I might find George Fox had some ideas of merit, but when it comes right down to it, after seeing enough nutso hajjis cut the heads off of random people, my solution to that is not prayer, but helping to precision bomb the shit out of the middle east.

        Probably not the best way to libertopia, but the pay is good enough that I don’t have to cry in a lot of bottom shelf beer while contemplating any hipocracy. 😀 Also a lot less messy than having to double tap some hajji/refugee nutjob in my back yard with some 12ga 000 buckshot, then try to find somewhere to dump the body. Out of sight, out of mind is not a bad thing.

        At some point in the past I might try to say, don’t be like me. But… Things have kinda gone downhill fast. Pick whatever battles you feel you’re down with, and sleep well at night knowing, in general, nobody really cares.

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