Obama Skeet Fink

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After dealing with tons of tech problems, Michael and Neema talk about “serving the song” (in all types of art, and in LIFE), fall gun-cleaning tips (including how to fix an AK-47 with a frozen-stuck bolt or charging handle), how voting is silly and immoral and doesn’t work and how the Internet kill switch is coming no matter what “the people” want, delayed sleep phase syndrome, Exploding head syndrome, Sleep paralysis, Reddit “Politics” group censored the “Obama’s Feet Stink” video, a Feen fan turns the Feens in to the Whitehouse, how Halloween trick-or-treating is practice and training for voting and socialism, EMS VCS3 Mk II analog synth in the Slish song “My God is a Woman”, and how Neema is “The whiteface killah.”

Buy the single “Obama’s Feet Stink” single on iTunes!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/obamas-feet-stink-single/id575064315

This is an archive of The Freedom Feens Agenda live call-in show, on Adam Curry’s network, No Agenda Global Radio.

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5 Responses to Obama Skeet Fink

  1. Ben Stone says:

    Great cast guys!
    I loved the sleep discussion.
    I could tell you guys some stories……..

  2. isaac says:

    Sometimes when im asleep my body acts out what im doing when im asleep. This can be dangerous for a spouse, considering i did brazilian jiu jitsu for 5 years and have been doing serious strength training since i was 16 and i’m having a dream where i’m fighting. I don’t use any drugs at all-including caffeine-so it’s totally natural.

  3. Lisa says:

    Weird Dream
    OK I had a weird dream that I had a job of praying at the graves for people who were too busy to pray at the grave of their relatives. MWD then offered me his cell phone to contact the clients but I felt like MWD offered me the cell phone because he wanted to get out of his cell phone contract. Odd eh?

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