FitBit has blood on their hands – Freedom Feens radio episode MP3


Lou, Darrell, and MWD try to answer the age-old question of “without government, how would you solve the problem of billionaires who have a shooting gallery where they hunt orphans for sport on their heavily guarded compound on a private island….

….In other words; how would “we” make sure that SUMMER IS SAFE?

Then adults leave and the kids have fun. Darrell and MWD also discuss Rick and / or Morty, the growing problem of Footloose dancing in Buddhist-Muslim countries, and how come no one has ever tried THIS form of government? It might be perfect:

Anarcho-unitary minarcho dominant-party parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy. So, we’ve decided it exists, and we’ve signed you up to our social contract. You’re welcome.

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3 Responses to FitBit has blood on their hands – Freedom Feens radio episode MP3

  1. Paul Gordon says:

    Wrong episode. This is Sunday’s

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