Feens are going to 2 days a week. Pre-taped


Started this past week. Did you notice? lol.

Podcast will also not have music, and breaks, and will have WAY fewer ads. Patreon donators will even get some episodes earlier than they’ll be on this website or on the radio.
Will be on radio weekend days only, because that’s where most of our stations are.
This was a decision of our network, not our decision. We are on 18 stations on the weekends, and one on weeknights. Wasn’t worth them paying a board op to be there every night. LRN.fm will still play us, but not on a schedule. We’ll be in the random podcast blocks. 
We ain’t going anywhere, just being scaled back. And Feens don’t make enough money to do more shows a week either if they’re not on radio. We appreciate donations but they barely cover expenses. Worms!
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2 Responses to Feens are going to 2 days a week. Pre-taped

  1. Wild Bill says:

    I donate by paypal subscription, love the feens! Is there some advantage to patreon or something? I’ve tried using it and had problems with it, they always reject my card after the 1st payment for some reason. I can subscribe using paypal, but then they both get a cut and you get less, right?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      you get some episodes and songs earlier than the public, but no need to move over. I can send you the link for that. Is the email you used your best email?

      Thank you for your service!

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