Doing Nothing Is Better Than Doing Evil


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how the Federal Reserve promises they’re keeping “our” gold safe, Obama’s bug-out bag, Dick Cheney’s dick, Obama executive order just before Hurricane Sandy puts all state and local police in hands of FEMA during a disaster, cool pro-DDT documentary 3 Billion and Counting, Debbie Gibson, Sci-Fi Channel, Peaceful Streets Project, watching cops, Cracker’s song “Low“, and David Lowery being an i.p. nazi, slang words for guns, Kurt Cobain liked Michael’s old band Bomb, Obama stimulates economy in gun sales – Maybe he owns stock in the gun companies, who in Westfield NY is a Feen fan?, will people in Washington and Colorado in prison for pot be freed?, TSA is unionizing, how Jullian Assange says “Reelected Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing“, U.N.’s World Health Organization Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity, Obama’s possible plan to jail everyone who votes Republican so he can have a third term, and how Natalie Merchant is anti-littering as well as anti-gun. We also hear Michael’s song “I loved you then I died” from 1987 with Bomb, and his 1983 song Drone from the band “Michael” a.k.a. “The Day I Lost My Virginity.”

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7 Responses to Doing Nothing Is Better Than Doing Evil

  1. isaac says:

    I disagree that my generation(same as Neema’s, I was born in 85) buys guns for the hell of it. Maybe i’m applying my own biases to others, but i only buy guns based on what specific functions they would serve as tools. I can only afford to buy one gun for each range; less than 25 yards, 30 yards to 100 yards, 100-400 yards. I think many people in my generation cannot afford to buy lots of guns but only the few we need, the state is so huge now. As Ben says, we’d be about 70% richer.

    Ibought a shotgun for home defense because i use shot that wont penetrate the walls and it can be used to hunt any size game by varying load. I am looking at buying an fn five seven pistol because i love flat very fast shooting pistols that have extended ranges(150+ yards) and can offer varying purposes depeneding on circumstance; penetration or tumbling depending on the type of round. I am looking at buying a rifle at some point for longer range shooting, if i hit the lottery, an fn scar 16, but i will probably end up building an ar in 5.56. This ar would be configured for low recoil and very light weight(carbon fiber rail, low mass bolt, short barrel, no unneeded tac stuff, etc), so you could carry it all day long and have fast follow up shots due to the low recoil.

  2. Jumping Jehoshaphat says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the podcast. I feel like a needle skipping in a groove: but, excellent material once again…

    I appreciate the commentary with Neema about drum machines. I agree that drum & loop machines satisfy needs for quality rhythm tracks. The drums in RAW—for example—are indeed boss. Did you build those loops; if not you, whom did?

    Personally, I use Reason to sequence my drums, and I layer multiple hit samples to create ideal sounds. Individual hits are tweaked to add inflections and humanize the feel. The right amount of ‘verb and delay (barely even present) bleeds without standing out. Takes a while, but my goal has been to always create tracks that sound legit. Even the instrumentation (other than guitar and vocal leads/harmonies, which I provide)!

    Thanks again for always inspiring!

    Pieces and peace.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      The drum loops used on the RAW CD were taken from here:
      that’s their punk loops. Also used a very few of their rock and classic rock drum loops.

      I only built one of the loops (for the “Redistribution of Theft” song), used two beats on top of each other, time shifted. One off a Bomb song, one off a session a guy did with me on the “Mother and the Fuckers” songs.

      I think those sets are on BT too.


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  4. Jimmald says:

    “Reelected Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing” – Wait a second, I thought Romney was Obama in sheep’s clothing! This is getting confusing.

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