Lou or no Lou, the show must go on! – Freedom Feens radio episode MP3


John Shane and Jeremy are yakkin’ for freedom.
Topics are reminiscing about the full squirm days, Shane’s love life, update on my situation/why government sucks today, the Verge/Pornhub partnership,and excitement about eh crypto markets finally looking up.


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  1. Surely you do not believe that bitcoin was considered haraam by what, the Muslim church? No, there is no central authority in the general Islamic religion which decides dogma, but it’s based on a whole bunch of stuff that’s not worth going into here. Surely being on lrn.fm you don’t actually think that Muslims “couldn’t” buy crypto, right, when that network hosts a show run by the head of the world’s first masjid run primarily on cryptocurrency. As Will Coley did explain one time when I called into Free Talk Live, surely the state-sponsored clerics, and they do have those in the same vein as modern state churches in Europe, are going to be sour or outright oppose crypto. Most genuine scholars are going to be cautious or not have enough information to rule on it yet but that does not make it forbidden (all things which are not forbidden being allowed).

    However, in my particular case, before buying my first bitcoin I did a little not-googling and found essays very much in favor of the idea of cryptocurrency from an Islamic perspective. Truly the benefits of crypto from the Islamic and the libertarian perspectives have substantial overlap.

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