A voluntaryist criticism of the one flaw in voluntarism – Freedom Feens radio show


Michael W. Dean asks this question: In a complete lack of government, how would this work:

–Person A aggresses on person B.
–Person B hires a private process server protected by private police to “invite” person A to decide on a private court with Person A….So Person B to force Person A to make it right.
–Person B points a gun at Person A’s private process server protected by private police and says “I don’t recognize your authority, get off my property.”

I’ve yet to hear an adequate explanation of how this would work in the free market without resorting to “the magic of the free market would make it work.” (this is based on a conversation MWD had with Boston T. Party; where Boston suggested that anarchy is probably unworkable, but deep minarchy with only government courts and police might be able to work.

The usual answer is “people would be shamed into good behavior”, but experience has taught me that doesn’t work as well as people think it would.

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