GET IN THE VAN with Vantana Row – Freedom Feens radio episode



Welcome our newest probationary Feens co-hosts, and Michael Dean’s music/life sponslings, Jeremy and Volly Blaze, the entirety of the band in a van, Vantana Row.

This happy married couple who rock out from the van that is also their home are using the famed Ben Stone Feen mic, which they now own, to talk to MWD for their first time on radio.

Topics include, music, marriage, living in a van, and what’s bad (and good) about the San Francisco Bay Area. Also, how Michael W. Dean plans to mentor these kids out of van life with daily pep talks on FeenPhone.

This episode was recorded with Vantana Row in the van in the parking lot of a Panda Express in Santa Something, California.

Michael output the MP3 at a slightly lower encode rate so the kids can download it easily in limited their van Interwebs.

If they become full time Feens hosts, between them and Jeremy, something like 25% of the Feens will be living in their vehicle. But you know, that’s the way of the world.

Vantana Row’s Amazon Affiliate link.

bookmark and use when you use Amazon. Doesn’t cost you, but they’ll get some gas money from Amazon.

Check out Vantana Row’s Website.

Check out Vantana Row’s Patreon.

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