“Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri” – full BipTunia album, free


Album length: 1 hour and 23 minutes.

(This weekend I’ll make and put up the lyric sheet w/ production notes + scale info. But we have t-shirts available now!)

  1. Disco Demolition Man & Pigeon 911
  2. Find Your Own Voice
  3. Non-Toxic Lipograms
  4. The Last Microtonal Shaman
  5. We’d Just Stand on the Street Corner and Yell
  6. Sweet 100
  7. The Weird Uncle at the Family Reunion
  8. Microtonal Constrained Language
  9. C(a)U(gh)T UP IN Cleveland
  10. Fruit Cart Shuffle in Porcupine TET 22
  11. 12-20 at 90 and 900 BPM
  12. 10 TET Ancient Greek Arps for Hey Zeus
  13. Prelude for The Ill-Tempered Clavier
  14. Blues for Cthulhu Suite
  15. Ode to a Xenharmonic Cat
  16. Microtonal Cats from Alpha

All instruments: Michael W. Dean
Words and voices: Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth

Album cover: Emily Mottesheard

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