Michael W. Dean’s mic drop – the last Freedom Feens radio show, ever.


MWD Mic Drop

Michael W. Dean (MWD) does his last-ever show on radio. The Freedom Feens may continue as a podcast, but not on a regular schedule, and not often. Probably only a few per year.

MWD explains it:

Everything in life is a cost / benefit analysis and it’s time for me to wrap up on radio. This liberty mission is accomplished anyway: childhood dream of being on radio is well met, we taught some people about liberty, operated as a “teaching hospital” for radio/podcasting hosts, plus our voices are on their way to other planets.

The Freedom Feens are only one of two syndicated radio shows that favorably and frequently discuss actual voluntarism. (The other is Free Talk Live).

But I can’t do this anymore. I have too much else on my plate, and there is too little return to me for continuing radio.

I’ve done this show several times a week for 7 years, five of those years on Grandpa’s Internets (Radio.) That is faaaaar longer than most podcasts, and even longer than a lot of radio shows.This is episode 1311, and I’ve done a lot of other liberty podcasts and films and everything else. For very little money, and a decreasing return of satisfaction with time. Especially now that I’m getting back into making music, and loving it.

I’m done telling y’all what to do and how to be. You can take it from here. Plus, the many podcasts I have helped launch by giving them gear and advice can take it from here.

And, there is more to life than taxation is theft. That’s a good start, but not good to think of 24/7/365.

The irony is that often, people who have been libertarians / voluntaryists / AnCaps for 1/40th as long as I have lecture me on it. And all that a lot of them do is parrot others. And those parrot / muppets are incredibly self-righteous about it. The newly minted are the worst. They remind me of new ex-smokers or new ex-drinkers. And there are new libertarians ones every day. That’s a good thing, but I don’t wanna talk to them until they get a life. And not all of them do.

I don’t just talk about problems in this last radio episode. I also talk about solutions.

Get the free BipTunia app. This is what I do now:

FYI, I mention in this episode buying a gaming chair. It was horrible and I returned it to Amazon. Here’s my review: Worst. Chair. Ever. – plus mine was defective.

I ended up buying this awesome chair (for 100 dollars less), Tempur-Pedic TP 6400 after trying chairs in person at a Staples store.

Oh, and Sigma male is the term I was looking for, not Gamma male. I’m a Sigma.


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People like this are part of the reason I'm done with this scene, man.

^People like this are part of the reason I’m done with this scene, man.

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14 Responses to Michael W. Dean’s mic drop – the last Freedom Feens radio show, ever.

  1. Robert Ellis says:

    I was bummed when Neema left to do other things because you two obviously had an amazing chemistry the way you could bounce things back and forth. Now I’m even more sad to see you going. But it wouldn’t be good for anyone if you were doing it not enjoying it.

    With you, wheels off liberty, and thinking liberty all off the air, I don’t know of what will fill that head space for me. Of course you all were going about it very different, but you all were people that “got it” but had other things to talk about. Seems to be a rare thing and I’ll miss it.

    Glad you found something else to do that makes you happy. Take good care of yourself and those you care about.

    Oh, and before I forget… thanks for your stuff about dealing with toxic squicky people. That’s been a huge help as well!

  2. Fred says:

    Hey Michael,

    It’s been a while since I’ve listened, but I’ve done a lot of listening and definitely still self-identify as a Feen. Sad to see it go, but I get it and will remember the show fondly.

    And I look forward to seeing whatever onward and upward is for you.

    Peace, worms, rock n roll

  3. Brian says:

    At first, I was saddened at the thought of this being the last Feens episode, but upon further thought, there’s a nice bittersweet sense of closure to it. The Feens have been an important influence on me over the years- thanks for all those years, and for writing User’s Manual for the Human Experience, which changed my life for the better and helped make me a more resilient human. Worms!

  4. Michigan Escapee says:

    Hate me if you will, I’ve found the IRL Dan Banning(and hopefully not a stray kid of yours) in my F3 thrashed hometown of Marshalltown, IA. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216887348711747&set=gm.2101394359910984&type=3&eid=ARBFWRBFe-0rTDpSgU_SChjc0ZBZuWpF4j02DEp8vIT99YtRwSKrMUbrsV7QGDCJBcrkz_31LgeiJgqi&ifg=1

  5. Halsingen says:

    When the state systems collide with migration, is it not the systems we should change?

    I live in the Greater Copenhagen metropolitan area, that since 2016 have been divided into two because Stockholm imposed border controls. The border between two neighborhoods in one local urban city area is totally locked down and monitored by armed beaureaucrats.

    It doubles the traveling time, and have forced a large percentage of commuters to quit their jobs.

    And if you forget your ID or it gets stolen when you go to work, or to see friends or go shopping, you can’t come home again. It’s basically a new Berlin Wall.

    If you want to call free movement in Greater Copenhagen “opening our legs for immigrants”, fine. If you want to limit the migration, rather than the systems, fine.

    But don’t call it libertarian!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your cervix! Worms!

  7. Z says:

    Great episode. I just started listening again DOH!

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  9. So long and thanks for all the fish[net stocking references]!

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