16th record by BipTunia, “REVIEWS OF EVENTS THAT HAVEN’T HAPPENED” – listen free


Download album as one file HERE. (320k MP3. Sounds great. File size 127 megs.)

LYRIC SHEET and liner notes (pdf)

Song player here.

Run Time: 59 minutes

Release Date: April 4, 2019


  1. Dodecatonal Music
  2. Bytes and Peaces
  3. Speaking of Blue Öyster Cult…
  4. Coastal Mainer Decatonal Surf Rock
  5. Test Bench Blues on the Night Shift at the Sheep Factory
  6. Those Rats at City Hall
  7. Reviews of Events that Haven’t Happened
  8. Arpalicious Reflection While on Hold (Concerto for Moog and Cor Anglais)
  9. 12-Part Chorale for Human and Mouse

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Michael W. Dean: Music, some voice, some words.
Phil Wormuth: Words, voice.

The microtonal songs on this record are:

  • “Speaking of Blue Öyster Cult…” (25ed16 + 6.25 edo + AnaMark Dirty Pitch.)
  • ” Coastal Mainer Gamelan Surf Rock ” (Smithgw Gamelion)

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