23rd album by BipTunia, “MUSIC FOR COMMUTES” – listen free


^ Use of this image courtesy of, and with permission from, the amazing Syd Mead, www.sydmead.com

Download album as one file HERE.

320k MP3. Sounds great. File size 133 megs. Or listen on the song player, HERE.

Lyric sheet here. PDF.

Run Time: 62 minutes.
Release Date: June 15, 2019. (10 days after last album.) Lyric sheet coming later today.

TRACK LISTING: (Bold is song, normal is interstitial):

(Ghost box intro) >
(CBD saved her husband) >
-Elaine’s Travelogue
-The Commute of Müña of the Desert >
(bells, birds, & video games interstitial)
-Downline Online Commute
-XEN And The Art of Antelope Maintenance >
(Complyacin ad)
-Phil’s Commute

The microtonal song on this album is “XEN And The Art of Antelope Maintenance.” (19 TET, but with Dodecatonal 12 edo also.)

Michael W. Dean: Music, words, voice.
Phil Wormuth: Voice, words.

DJ Dean: Voice on Some of the ads.

DJ Dean and Neema Vedadi co-wrote the Complacin ad with MWD.

DJ Dean co-wrote the CATMUF ad with MWD.

Raw file of opening ghost box at start of record found somewhere, wasn’t labeled. But MWD did a lot of work on it to the point where it’s a new thing.

Coming soon:

Get the album on BandCamp

Listen on Spotify

Download PDF of lyrics and liner notes

FLAC lossless legal torrent.

Torrrent on Archive.org

The Long Tail
I got a long tail!
I got a long tail!
I’m a survivor in the do-it-yourself trench wars going back to old punk rock.

I’ll even show you how, when I’m not too distracted
disseminating art in 100 directions at once.
While simultaneously focused as a laser where need be.

From DC to Frisko, to Berlin,…stuck standing in line at many post offices,
every day, for decades, sending out my merch.
My art.
Music, words, movies, more.
T-shirts. Stickers. Buttons.
It’s how we live in your life just a little.

Even wrote books in line. And proofed books.
No one proofs, they all just wanna write.
Everyone in your favorite café
is writing a screenplay.

But they’re never editing a screenplay.
That’s why their work is never made.
Also, they’re waiting for permission.
We just did it.
From WJWK, to
the one-stop sheep shop in my bedroom,
to BipTunia.
To Intergalactic Prairie Studio, and Purple Monkey Studio

I got a long tail!
I got a long tail!

It’s a long luxurious tail, the twinkling little part of the
new economic charts,
the far right part of the X axis, that goes on forever.
Where all the millions of us who each sell a few, outsell the dozens who sell millions.
It’s where we live.

And now just give it away too.
I got a long tail!
I got a long tail!
It reaches to Alpha-Centauri. And to the future.
And to dino rider past.
(DynaWriter past)
Touch it, bolt in, come along for the ride.

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