27th album by BipTunia, “THE ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE” – listen free


Download album as one file HERE. Sounds great, and preserves flow from song to song. File size 125 megs.

Get the PDF of LYRICS and liner notes

Release Date: Aug 3, 2019 (2 weeks after last album.)

Run Time: 64 minutes

–There are no microtonal songs on this album.


–Michael W. Dean: Music, words, some voice.
–Phil Wormuth: Most voice, words.

Guest vocals:
–BipTunia Specialist Voice Talent Kip Cameron on “Voiceover About Voiceover.”

–DJ Dean in “But You Don’t Look Sick.

–Bob the cat squeaks in concern after DJ speaks in “But You Don’t Look Sick.”

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