30th BipTunia Album, “30” – Listen Free


Run Time: 91 minutes.

Album release Date: Aug 31, 2019.

(10 days after last album. Also is the 4th BipTunia album this month).

Download the album as one file HERE. Sounds good, and preserves flow from song to song. File size 102 megs. 175k stereo MP3

Download Lyrics and liner notes.

Coming soon:

Get the album on Bandcamp

Torrent of FLAC lossless file of album
Torrent Mirror 1 (Archive.org)
Torrent Mirror 2 (LegitTorrents)

Listen on Spotify


–Michael W. Dean: Music, words, some voice.
–Phil Wormuth: Most voice, words.

–DJ Dean on “A Summer Boat Trip on the SS Juno Crumar”, “Pattern Predictability in Ultra Long-Distance Events”, and “Alas, a Guppy”

The microtonal song on this album is “Alas, a Guppy.” It’s in 9-29 tuning scale.

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